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And One - TanzomatAnd One
Category: Synthpop
Album: Tanzomat
Stars: 3
Blurb: While solidly put together, Tanzomat is just an interlude for the band.


The German synthpop sensations are at it again with their newest release, Tanzomat. Five years after Bodypop, And One returns with more music for the masses. Hardly any of the songs on the first disc jump out or stand alone the way that previous And One material has, so don’t expect another “Military Fashion Show” or “Panzermensch.” From Tanzomat comes a ton of dance beats and middle ground music.

That being said, this is a fine album that’s insanely poppy and highly energetic. Half of the songs on disc one could very well be mistaken for general pop music; that is to say there is very little distinguishingly And One about this music. It has some of the typical sounds the band has become known for, and Naghavi’s voice and singing style is unmistakable, but truly anyone could have created these songs and no one would bat an eye. Make no mistake, though; this is not a bad album. Tanzomat is a highly danceable album, full of fast (“Seven,” “Save the Hate”) and slow (“Angel Eyes,” “The Aim is In Your Head”) grooves that EBM and electro fans will adore. The disc alternates in tempo from track-to-track, waffling the listener and giving little chance for carried momentum. And One has fun throwing back to the sounds of the ‘80s over and over again in songs such as “Dancing in the Factory” and “Shining Star.” Overall, disc one holds a much higher entertainment value than it does a musical one.

Disc two gives the listener a taste of the And One live experience, throwing out a barrage of old hits together for a concert from 2010. The disc ranges from Anguish to Bodypop, playing old favorites and some less familiar ones. Audience sing-along and cheering abound as the band delights fans with songs such as “Love and Fingers,” “Second Front,” “Anguish,” and more. This is an excellent disc for those who discovered And One more recently, as the band has been around for over 20 years and has gone through numerous changes over those years.

In the end, Tanzomat comes off as more of a stepping stone album for And One; nothing groundbreaking or worth specific notice, but enjoyable and satiating enough to get the fans by now.
Track list:
Disc 1 – Tanzomat

  1. Save the Hate
  2. Shining Star
  3. Only in Dreams
  4. Dancing in the Factory
  5. Angel Eyes
  6. Seven
  7. The Aim is In Your Head
  8. Electrocution
  9. Sex Drive
  10. Playing Dead
  11. No Song for You
  12. And I Love

Disc 2 – Live 2010: The Specials!

  1. Ego
  2. Second Front
  3. Love and Fingers
  4. Men in Uniform
  5. Sexkeit
  6. My Warrior
  7. Tanz Der Arroganz
  8. Klaus
  9. Anguish
  10. Over There

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