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And One - Shouts of JoyAnd One
Catergory: Synthpop / Futurepop
Album: Shouts of Joy
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Vocals that range from anthemic to sultry and catchy bass lines lined up to prepare you for the next album.


Veteran four man outfit And One’s latest single release, Shouts of Joy will fill you with just that, creating a strong presence to start with before leading you to their full-length project. “Shouts of Joy” is a song that is everything you’ve come to expect from And One; however, this isn’t a bad thing as the track features blazing electro and bass that is impossible to forget once heard, drums that tickle your dancing fancy, and bright shiny vocals that are both vibrant and anthemic. “Perfect White” is a sleek and slender track that seduces with its bass line and sultry vocals. More relaxed and laidback of a track this is, it stands out well and comes a bit unexpected after the high energy of “Shouts of Joy.” “S.T.O.P. was an Inside Job!!!” is a moderately paced track that is partially calm with a combination of fast paced drums and synths, the vocals staying on a light path throughout and, oddly enough, fitting the track nicely as it flows seamlessly from beginning to end.

The oddly placed and completely left field Ohne Trix mic of “Back Home” is a live lounge version of the track and has its synths and electronics ripped out in favor of pianos and soft touch drums. The final two tracks are both alternative remixes of “Shouts of Joy,” the Stave Nagahani mix and the You Ryth mix respectively, both very different takes on the song, with the Stave Nagahani mix taking a straightforward electro approach while the You Ryth version takes a more menacing, up-tempo, harsh electro style to the song and even changing some of the lyrics. Shouts of Joy is a good single release that introduces the listeners to the style of And One’s newest and upcoming project, which, if the single is any indication, should be very interesting to hear.
Track list:

  1. Shouts of Joy (Club Mix)
  2. Perfect White
  3. S.T.O.P. was an Inside Job!!!
  4. Back Home (Ohne Trix Mix)
  5. Shouts of Joy (Stave Nagahani Mix)
  6. Shouts of Joy (You Ryth Mix)

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And One Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ANDONEoffiziell
And One Twitter http://www.twitter.com/ANDONEofficial
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