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And One - S.T.O.P.And One
Category: New Wave / Synthpop
Album: S.T.O.P.
Stars: 3
Blurb: A standard electronic affair from the longtime veterans with tons of charisma to back up its shortcomings.


Germany’s And One are veterans of electronica worldwide and have an impressive track record. With the band’s S.T.O.P., And One attempts to continue this track record with a release that is exactly what you would expect from the longtime synthpop group. The keys are catchy and electrifying as always, the drums are steady and ready to be danced to, and the vocals are as deep and charismatic as expected. The only misstep with S.T.O.P. is that it doesn’t necessarily set itself apart from other And One releases and has a slight lag in the middle portion of the album. However, S.T.O.P. is packed with a few gems along the way.

Opening and standout track “Shouts of Joy” kicks the album open with a bang with its super catchy bass line, keys, and chorus that cannot be ignored. “Killing the Mercy” is a more moderately paced track, but that won’t stop it from taking over any dark dance floor. “You Without a Me” offers much of the same as its predecessors and also includes super catchy verses and chorus for fans to sing along with. Notable tracks “Don’t Get Me Wrong” and “S.T.O.P. the Sun” both have everything you’d want from an And One club track and plenty of attitude to come along with it; both tracks will easily get into your head and stay for hours. “Back Home” is a swinging upbeat offering that sounds almost out of place with its lounge act style and horns; however, it is one of the tracks that shouldn’t be missed for its boldness alone. The somber “No Words” brings S.T.O.P. to a melancholy but peaceful close with light piano keys and atmospheric pads, creating perhaps a fitting end for the album.

S.T.O.P. is nowhere near a bad album, though it is very standard for the veteran act. For each of its gems and standout tracks, it has a few fillers that almost cut the album into a third. For fans of And One, picking this one up is a no brainer, but repeat listens may be constant for some while others may be able to pass on S.T.O.P. and settle for the grand tracks.
Track list:

  1. Shouts of Joy
  2. Killing the Mercy
  3. Memory
  4. You Without a Me
  5. Don’t Get Me Wrong
  6. Aigua
  7. S.T.O.P. the Sun
  8. The 4
  9. Back Home
  10. The End of Your Life
  11. No Words

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