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An Ant And An Atom - ExteriorAn Ant And An Atom
Category: Ambient / Noise
Album: Exterior
Blurb: An Ant And An Atom returns with more crushing noise that seeks to encapsulate the inky blackness of space and the overpowering infinity that dwells among the stars.


Canada’s An Ant And An Atom has been tinkering with soundscapes since 2008, creating an interesting blend of ambient/noise/art that has provided the backdrop for art exhibits and existential crises alike. Sean Warkentine – sole member of An Ant And An Atom – has plumbed the depths of noise and brought out the patterns among the drone plenty of times before, but the new EP is aimed at capturing the essence of being inconsequential compared to the vastness of the universe.

Billed as “32 minutes of B-sides” from a forthcoming album, Exterior begins with a post-rock style riff that disintegrates into calliope-esque tones before “The Crush of Gravity” lives up to its name with a harrowing wall of sound. Static pops and the dying wails of what sounds like air raid sirens are oppressive and somber, conjuring to mind the blackness that lurks between the stars and the ever spinning mania of the cosmos. Contrasted against such infinite swirling bleakness is “Locked in Adrift,” a track that offers some synthetic musical hope clashing against the bleating signal that repeats over the track, but hope is short lived as the terror of being stranded looms over the track.

“I Dreamt of Reaching Space” is a pleasant soliloquy for exploring beyond the skies and dances along a pleasant tune before the crushing static of reality overrides dreams. This ends up being a perfect segue into the EP’s final track, “Heat Up Another Planet, Burn Out Another Sun,” a noisy doomsday transmission garbled with radiation and a clear disdain for humankind, growing in intensity until being pulled away into the vacuum.

For Exterior to supposedly be an EP of B-sides, it certainly stands on its own as a journey into the radiation filled waves beyond the stratosphere. It is the existential dread that lingers on after looking at too many pictures from the Hubble. It’s an evocative noisescape that seeks to provoke instead of irritate, while remaining comfortable alongside the likes of Stendeck or Godspeed! You Black Emperor. While there’s nothing to dance to here, Exterior remains a great addition for fans of noise or the end of the world.
Track list:

  1. My Craft Broke at Launch
  2. The Crush of Gravity
  3. Locked in Adrift
  4. I Dreamt of Reaching Space
  5. Heat Up Another Planet, Burn Out Another Sun

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