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Amnestic - FutureAmnestic
Category: Industrial / Electro / Rock
Album: Future
Blurb: A juggernaut of slickly produced industrial/rock with a harsher, darker, more streamlined sound… but it’s all too familiar and draws comparisons to others in the same vein.


Listening to the music of Amnestic, it’s difficult not to draw comparisons to numerous other acts that bear a similar aesthetic of scorching synth and drum programming augmented by a healthy dose of abrasive textures for an added metal flavor. However, with Future, the band’s latest EP, Brook Thomas Gondek seems hell bent on giving Amnestic a more refined upgrade to overshadow the Real Bad Day debut; aided by Sean Payne of Glitch Mode Recordings, Gondek infuses even harder, darker atmospheres with an even more intricate balance of disparate elements to deliver a streamlined EP of scathing electro/industrial. “Absent Affect” hinted at Future’s forceful dynamic with an infectious dance beat and slithering vocal manipulations backed by grating synth and guitar distortions to make for an incendiary electro/metal assault. However, a better example of this formula comes in the form of “Discipline” as an insidious throbbing bass line and insistent drumbeat underscores fearsome stabs of caustic electronic hooks and lavish sample placement, including the subtly arresting use of a certain shrieking sound effect that fans of the Alien franchise will surely recognize. The metallic vocal effects on this track are also quite striking, adding to the song’s production appeal, while the gyrating glitches and scraping synth and guitar riffs of “Desensitization,” along with the menacing vocal effects and biting lyrics, are sure to make the track a live favorite. Alas, the first and last tracks are the weakest on Future, with “Harbinger” starting things off with a rather familiar industrial/dance romp wrought with samples from Universal Soldier and Terminator 2 (c’mon… really?), while “Godsend” offers up more of the same, the guttural roars of dissonant guitar adding a bit of tonal color that almost seems out of place and does little to elevate the track from its mundanity. As stated, comparisons to other acts in the same vein are sure to abound, which isn’t to say that Amnestic has nothing to offer – Future is a juggernaut of slickly produced industrial/rock that finds Gondek and company making strides toward a harsher, more streamlined sound. It’s just that there isn’t much to enable Amnestic to particularly stand out… yet.
Track list:

  1. Harbinger
  2. Desensitization
  3. Absent Affect
  4. Discipline
  5. Godsend

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