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Amelia Arsenic - Queen of Risk EPAmelia Arsenic
Category: Electro / Industrial / Hip-Hop
Album: Queen of Risk EP
Blurb: Whether you want to engage or indulge, Amelia Arsenic’s second EP will fulfill your needs with its blend of industrialized hip-hop and melodic electro/punk.


It has been three years since Amelia Arsenic released her first solo EP, Carbon Black, but she’s hardly one to keep quiet; when she’s not kicking out the rivet-jams, she’s a notable fashion designer, continuing to wreck the preconceptions and misguided perceptions of homogenized and “safe” society. With her second EP, Queen of Risk, Arsenic teams up with Glitch Mode Recordings impresario Sean Payne to deliver five more tracks of provocative electro/punk with a mordant hip-hop edge.

Queen of Risk is appropriately titled as Arsenic’s confrontational audio/visual style is as in-your-face with its biting undercurrent of social commentary as it is reckless in its abandon to the need to party – not an easy or often successful combination. The stage is immediately set with “RX Love,” its belligerent EDM rhythms and bass lines tailormade for any dance floor, tempered by the monotonic vocal delivery of ironic lyrics about the pleasures of pharmaceutical excess. The same can be said of “Architects of Death,” a sardonic anthem to self-destruction in which Arsenic sounds almost unhinged and on the verge of an intoxicated breakdown amid forceful breakbeats thrusting to abrasive electronics and guitars. Slower in tempo, but no less acerbic in its indictment of materialism is “Live Slow Die Old,” the semi-spoken verses switching to a minimalist melody in the chorus, which along with the chugging guitar makes for one of the EP’s most infectious hooks, while the juxtaposition of Arsenic’s saccharine melodies with caustic distortion in the title track is almost delightfully oppressive on the ears. This leaves “Homewrecker” to end things with more driving breaks, guitar riffs, and soaring vocals that give the track a vibe not dissimilar to Glitch Mode label mates Rabbit Junk.

Vicious and vivacious, Amelia Arsenic’s brand of pop-laden industrialized hip-hop stands in a league of its own; an exercise in contrasting modes, the lyrics on the Queen of Risk EP are as critical as they are celebratory, exhibiting a keen self-awareness that elevates her music into the realm of intelligent and playful satire. Whether you’re angry at the world or just in the mood to indulge, Queen of Risk is 17 minutes and 42 seconds to fulfill your needs.
Track list:

  1. RX Love
  2. Live Slow Die Old
  3. Architects of Death
  4. Queen of Risk
  5. Homewrecker

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