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Amelia Arsenic - Carbon Black EPAmelia Arsenic
Category: Electro / Industrial / Hip-Hop
Album: Carbon Black EP
Stars: 4
Blurb: At once abrasive and festive, the debut EP from Amelia Arsenic hits hard with a caustic blend of styles that is sure to get people excited and begging for more.


Having spent 10 years as a member of Australian electro/punk act Angelspit, Amelia Arsenic has built up a sizeable reputation as a dynamic performer, producer, and fashion designer. It was only natural that she would need to take her skills to another level without the confines of being in a band, with the four-track Carbon Black EP being just the first taste of what she has to offer musically. Presenting an amalgam of caustic electronic beats and textures topped off by Arsenic’s signature blend of hip-hop and melody, Carbon Black is a virulent antithesis to the conventions of the genres she’s mashed up into a style all her own. Chanting in a disaffected monotone atop a slow but infectious and anthemic beat that would make fans of Gwen Stefani’s “Hollaback Girl” cringe, the subsonic bass and samples adding to the eeriness, Arsenic hits an immediate and confident stride with “Carbon Black.” “Concrete Heart” takes things further as glitch-laden rhythms and electronic feedback fill the space between her layers of vocal harmonies and a provocative chorus in a manner that reminds this writer of the likes of Celldweller. With its instantly catchy and rhythmic chorus underscored by distorted bass and scratchy beats, “On the Attack” lives up to its title with its aggressive tone, while this writer dares anyone who listens to “T.H.I.R.S.T.Y.” to not shout the title along with the chorus; complete with a thumping industrial beat, seething and fluid electronics, and subtle layers of vocoder, the song ends Carbon Black on a decidedly high note. Less than 15 minutes long, Carbon Black is at once abrasive, festive, and accomplishes its task of getting the audience excited for more to come. Fans of Angelspit will certainly delight in hearing this familiar voice present her own distinct stylings, showcasing just how integral her contributions were to that act, while those who enjoy the likes of Cocksure, Celldweller, and Cyanotic will enjoy her hybridized sense of electrified pop-friendly melody and in-your-face mechanized hip-hop.
Track list:

  1. Carbon Black
  2. Concrete Heart
  3. On the Attack
  4. T.H.I.R.S.T.Y.

Amelia Arsenic Website http://ameliaarsenic.com
Amelia Arsenic Website http://www.destroyallmelody.com
Amelia Arsenic Facebook http://facebook.com/ameliaarsenicofficial
Amelia Arsenic Twitter http://twitter.com/ameliaarsenic
Amelia Arsenic SoundCloud http://soundcloud.com/ameliaarsenic
Amelia Arsenic Bandcamp https://ameliaarsenic.bandcamp.com
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