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Ambassador21 - FASAmbassador21
Category: Industrial / Hardcore
Album: FAS
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Pulse-pounding aggression meets anti-corporate conviction on a record proudly waving the digital hardcore banner of the genre’s protoplasts.


The Belarusian duo of Natasha and Aleksey has been energizing their audience with their unapologetic form of electronic hardcore ever since Ambassador21’s debut in 2001. With the economic turmoil imprinted permanently upon the current zeitgeist, the time couldn’t be better to once again employ this punk energy in the service of a political statement. FAS (Fuck All Systems), originally included on the band’s release of the same title from several years back, hopes to reinstate the sense of urgency and synergy between the music and its intellectual context.

The entire EP is constructed around the two original tracks that in turn both exploit themes of political rebellion and blood-boiling corporate greed, loudly contested by crowds around the globe. But with eight mixes and a bonus closing “Nice Day for a Revolution,” there are certainly no signs of creative anemia and FAS delivers on all cylinders, a rip-roaring feast of distortions in service of social justice. Both “FAS” and “Hack All Systems,” not against Ambassador21’s previous canon, follow in glitch-laden steps of breakthrough digital hardcore act Atari Teenage Riot, employing equally subversive musical tactics to shake and stimulate the audience. “FAS,” one piercing cacophony after another, unravels with surprising similarities to the riotous moods of ATR’s classics and the anthemic Mortal Kombat theme by Immortals. An explosive cocktail of blaring synths, assaulting beats, and blasting vocals sets an uncompromising tone for the whole record that, although forever indebted to albums like The Future of War, manages to appropriate familiar stylistic tricks for its own cause. As if aware of the extent of synchronicity between the hardcore past and present, “Hack All Systems” introduces other electronic formulas like dubstep and big beat and offsets the weight of the band’s inspirations. Intertwined with fragments of Anonymous’ manifesto, it’s a loud and taunting statement that doesn’t resonate with the same immediate force of the superb “FAS,” but in some ways improves with the remix versions. Malakwa cranks it to 11 with a crisp but furious revamp, Mangadrive provides a raving, techno current, and Diskonnekted lends “Hack All Systems” a leisured, chill-out pace. “FAS” is similarly challenged and reworked with highlights consisting of the brutally violated EBM mix by Diezel Xzaust and a version by Natasha’s own side project Suicide Inside that provides a restless, whizzing backdrop for the unstoppable verbal aggression.

The sociopolitical angst that fuels FAS might be reiterated with annoying bluntness but the commitment to the cause and the method help offset this intellectual force feed. It’s an electrifying display of raw energy and in many ways an anthem for all those discontent souls out there. Whether you fuck the system with Ambassador21 or not, at the very least, listen to them carefully as they tear the veil of corporate lies to shreds and rage with them in the ashes of the old world.
Track list:

  1. FAS
  2. Hack All Systems
  3. FAS (Remix by Suicide Inside)
  4. Hack All Systems (Remix by Diskonnekted)
  5. FAS (feat. Erk Aicrag, Phil Barry, Jan Dewulf, Red City Noise)
  6. FAS (Remix by Delta 9 & Fiend)
  7. Hack All Systems (Perfumed by Malakwa)
  8. Hack All Systems (FuckAllGenres Remix by Mangadrive)
  9. FAS (Perfumed by Red City Noise)
  10. FAS (Remix by Diezel Xzaust)
  11. Nice Day for a Revolution

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