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Am Tierpark - Cherry Blossom EPAm Tierpark
Category: Synthpop
Album: Cherry Blossom EP
Stars: 4
Blurb: The second release from the duo of Claus Larsen and John Mirland successfully captures the pure synthpop sound the duo set out to achieve, full of crisp vocals and sweet melodies.


In 2015, Claus Larsen (Leæther Strip) and John Mirland (Holm-Mirland) were taking a stroll around the Berlin Tierpark (zoo) the day before they were set to play at the same gig in their respective bands the following evening. As they walked around the zoo, watching the animals and taking in the sights, they chatted about their love for music. Born from this discussion was Am Tierpark with both Larsen and Mirland wanting to create music focused on clean and crisp vocals, synths, and melodies that wouldn’t be overladen with heavy effects. The duo released a full-length album, Uncaged in 2015, and has continued to successfully capture this sound on the EP Cherry Blossom.

The four song EP opens with “Cherry Blossom,” and the tune is as sweet as it sounds. Retro clean synths paired with Larsen’s heartfelt vocals create a darkly romantic ‘80s inspired synthpop song. The rest of the songs on the EP are similar in structure and sound, but the latter tunes have a slightly darker, more devious tone than the opening track and become more melodically complex with richer synths and heavier bass lines as they go along. The lyrical theme of the EP deals with love and loss and the despair and obsession that one feels after enduring such a difficult loss. The refrains in “Rough Seas” and “I Can’t Stop” are extremely catchy and one may find themselves singing them throughout the day.

Overall, Cherry Blossom meets the band’s goals, tells a story, and pays homage to the synthpop sounds of the ‘80s and ‘90s a la Depeche Mode and The Pet Shop Boys. While a little more playfulness with variation in the beats and sounds would be welcomed, Cherry Blossom is a very well done and enjoyable record.
Track list:

  1. Cherry Blossom
  2. The Hurt
  3. Rough Seas
  4. I Can’t Stop

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