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Alter Der Ruine - I Will Remember It All DifferentlyAlter Der Ruine
Category: Industrial
Album: I Will Remember It All Differently
Stars: 4
Blurb: Returning after a three year split, ADR shows us the great strides that were taken to improve and impress, resulting in this outstanding album.


Alter Der Ruine split back in 2012, but during that time, the group only grew in both numbers (as new member Tamara Jenney was added) and perspective. The band has come back in full force, using this album to seduce us into a dark and hypnotic soundscape, and unlike a lot of albums these days, this one offers us tracks made of different styles – from somber and eerie, heavy and intense, and even light dance/pop influenced tracks, this album demands your attention from start to finish.

The first track on the album, “Lights” is a great opener as its dance friendly attitude shows the determination of the album. A few of the highlights, though, would have to be “Will We Tear You Apart?,” “Gift Horse,” and “Poltergeist.” The first of those three tracks is produced with an underlying passive aggressiveness, but you can feel it up close and personal, so much so that it’s almost uncomfortable. You can feel that this track has genuine emotion and passion built up and bottled inside of it. “Gift Horse” and “Poltergeist” are both spooky yet energetic songs. Although these are the strongest tracks of the album, it feels as though none of it was rushed and each song given great attention, which is usually where most bands may fail when returning after a hiatus.

All in all, this album is a striking comeback for the group, holding its place as a true turning point in Alter Der Ruine’s discography. What the band has brought to the table with this album proves that it was worth the wait, as well as whatever may be coming next from Alter Der Ruine.
Track list:

  1. Lights
  2. Tiny Wars and Quiet Storms
  3. Horizon Slide
  4. Stars
  5. Gift Horse
  6. Will We Tear You Apart?
  7. Quiet Crimes
  8. Tundra
  9. Poltergeist
  10. Leviathan

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