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Alice and the Serial Numbers - No Bass No Beat No Fun RemixesAlice and the Serial Numbers
Category: Techno
Album: No Bass No Beat No Fun Remixes
Stars: 3
Blurb: A short collection of mixes that show some surprising variety while maintaining the original’s spirit.


Alice and the Serial Numbers is the Montreal based solo brainchild of the band’s namesake, known simply as Alice. Producing a relatively small amount of content in her 10 year history, Alice has nevertheless remained consistent in her pursuit of strong club happy beats as the featured song of this small collection implies. Offering four remixes of the track “No Bass No Beat No Fun,” which was originally featured on the Tasty Bytes Records compilation entitled Have a Tasty One, No Bass No Beat No Fun Remixes does a nice job of highlighting the remixing skill of several other Tasty Bytes Records artists while adding some nice depth to the original track.

The opening UDEK remix is the most straightforward of the bunch, feeling very much like a classic acid house track casting such shades towards work from older acts such as Josh Winx. The 1ino1eum remix seems to build off the foundation laid by the previous remix but uses some nice sound engineering to ratchet up the intensity a bit and giving it a fresher sound. The Sam Rockwell remix provides a pleasant airy blend of house and trance, giving the track the feel of something that might have been found on a mid-‘90s Moonshine Music compilation, but still maintains a more contemporary sound. The Les Limaces remix is possibly the most interesting of the bunch, overlaying low piano accompaniments that give the track a darker, more dramatic and weighty feel.

While all four tracks of this remix album spawning from the same song does lead to things becoming a bit overly repetitive, and house by its very nature does little to alleviate this problem, this little collection does exactly what it should: it builds curiosity. Despite the repetition, after listening to these songs and what the various artists have done with the single track, many will likely find themselves curious what other work the original artist and the mix producers have done, and that is exactly what this Tasty Bytes Records family should be hoping for.
Track list:

  1. No Bass No Beat No Fun (UDEK Remix)
  2. No Bass No Beat No Fun (1ino1eum Remix)
  3. No Bass No Beat No Fun (Sam Rockwell Remix)
  4. No Bass No Beat No Fun (Les Limaces Remix)

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