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Aesthetische - PowerswitchAesthetische
Category: EBM
Album: Powerswitch
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: After a long absence, the Brazilian duo of Fabricio Viscardi and Guilherme Pires is back with a new name and familiar EBM sounds, creating a melting pot of contemporary and modern electronic production.


Aesthetische is a new project by Fabricio Viscardi and Guilherme Pires; if those names sound familiar, it’s because both of Viscardi and Pires were part of the legendary electronic project, Aghast View. Though it’s been nearly a decade since the last Aghast View release, these Brazilian electronic masters are hoping to tempt music fans back with Powerswitch, the debut album for Aesthetische.

Powerswitch is a clear nod to classic EBM with heavy influences from acts such as Front Line Assembly. The album starts off strongly with the first track, “Brennbar!” It is a classic EBM track with a deft bass line and heavy drums. It is followed by “Less But More,” which combines a more synth-driven sound with strong melodies. Out of the new songs, a highlight of the album was “Heaven Waits No Tomorrow.” With just the right amount of glitch overlaid on a soaring melody and without any vocals to distract, the programming talents of Viscardi and Pires truly shine. If the remainder of the album followed in this vein, Aesthetische would have a solid album on its hands. Instead, tracks like “Stupid People Fuck Off” are puzzling at best and overly processed at worst. The heavy use of distorted vocals and noise detract and leave the song feeling caustic and unfinished.

The album also features several remixes. “Touch the Glass” is a new track, which has both original and remixed versions available. Both versions are actually quite enjoyable – where the original emphasizes a more sedate groove laden with imagery evoking vocals, the remix speeds things up a bit and creates an aggressive, danceable beat. The other two remixes are new versions of old Aghast View songs. “Burst in Crossfire” and “Automation.”

Overall, Powerswitch is good, but not great. Considering the pedigree of Viscardi and Pires, a more cohesive and innovative album would have been expected. However, as a debut album for Aesthetische, Powerswitch does not disappoint, providing a good helping of EBM to new and old fans alike.
Track list:

  1. Brennbar!
  2. Less But More
  3. Stupid People Fuck Off
  4. Korrupticide
  5. Tripoli
  6. Touch the Glass (feat. Xev / Diffuzion)
  7. Heaven Waits No Tomorrow
  8. Punch!
  9. Everything is OK
  10. Omnipresence
  11. Burst in Crossfire (2012 ATTSCHRLD)
  12. Automation (2012 ATTSCHRLD)
  13. Touch the Glass (Original Mix)

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