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Aesthetische - NachtbrennerAesthetische
Category: EBM / Dark Electro
Album: Nachtbrenner
Stars: 3
Blurb: Dance ready electronics and a sense of rebirth create a compelling remix album.


The ultimate result of former band Aghast View, Aesthetische is the product of Fabricio Viscardi and Guilherme Pires wanting to create bare bones EBM, which is ultimately what they’ve created with the remix release Nachtbrenner. Both men have the experience under their belts to bring the pulse pounding electro beats and the super catchy synths that make your head and feet move without control and this project is absolutely no different. You’ll get the harsh vocals sometimes with extra shouting; you’ll get a mass of different electronic styles from darkwave to dubstep breaks, and drum steps you won’t want to miss, all without seeming too familiar or mundane.
“Red Trackers” kicks into a super bouncy and ready to dance atmosphere with its synths and wild electronic bass line, adding more and more stomp with every second it plays. With a heavy dubstep vibe and glitchy electronics throughout, Ivo Draganac’s remix of “Still Life” manages to stand out by not falling into the prominent trap of sacrificing its own style for the current trend, so while the dubstep downbeat is prominent, it is mixed well with a heavy dose of EBM and manages to sound space age and original. “Cold Bliss” is anything but cold, though its high energy and fast paced electronics will most likely light fire to any club floor, but not to be confused or thought of as shallow, the track is layered with piano, haunting vocal samples, and a massive amount of musical depth. “High Heel Fixation” features a guest spot from Ava Nima of Robotiko Rejekto and her sultry background vocals whispering softly into the distance as if it was an announcement going over a barren landscape creates an end of the world like feel to the track; however, at the end of this world, there’s a massive party going. An 8-bit monster track, the Dedicated Hardware remix of “Still Life” takes the song and makes massive use of bleeps, blips, and glitchy Super Mario-esque noise and makes the vocals a background ingredient to the track, breathing life into a game that was never made.

Though it’s not a necessary purchase, Aesthetische has one of the stronger remix EPs out there as the full play is as enjoyable as if it were a full-length original album. Each remix breathes life into the original counterparts, creating a strong case for picking up Natchbrenner even if you already have the other material.
Track list:

  1. Red Trackers
  2. Undecided (feat. Emélie Nicolaï of Psy’Aviah)
  3. Raise the Invisible
  4. Still Life (Ivo Draganac Remix)
  5. Transient States
  6. Blausäure (EP Mix)
  7. Cold Bliss
  8. High Heel Fixation (feat. Ava Nima of Robotiko Rejekto)
  9. Red Trackers (Red Alert Remix)
  10. Blausäure (Junksista Rework)
  11. Still Life (Kant Kino Rework)
  12. Blausäure (Reizstrom Remix)
  13. Still Life (Dedicated Hardware Remix)

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