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Aesthetic Perfection - 'Til DeathAesthetic Perfection
Category: Techno / Pop-Punk
Album: ‘Til Death
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: Three years after the release of All Beauty Destroyed, Aesthetic Perfection turns in a direction only slightly different, yet largely disappointing.


Aesthetic Perfection has been known to be unique by blending together spooky sounds, EBM-like synths, and catchy rhythms. Although a few tracks on this album revert back to this style, this release is not heard as that. Instead, what we hear is something that may have been popular around 2009, when Panic! at the Disco and Jeffree Star were making it big. Daniel Graves, the mastermind of the group, has over the years backpedaled from the harsh electro/industrial sound he originally created. While he has yet to let go of his harsh screams that attracted so many fans, much more cleaner vocals get the spotlight on this album, as well as a couple of softer ballads to enhance that new motion.

The first song on the album is Graves reciting a wedding vow, which seems fitting given the cover art, but comical when you pay attention to the dramatic vocals. The second song, which was chosen as the first single, became very popular – “Antibody” is catchy yet somewhat unoriginal sounding. It does have interesting offbeat drums and inward screaming performed by Graves, but that does little for what the track lacks in. The sixth song on the album, “Showtime” does in fact stand out with its dreamscape of synthpop and underlying darkness. This song may be one of the album’s saving graces, although in modern music, it isn’t hard to create something that will please the general crowd.

There are three songs that are fitting for any of Aesthetic Perfections previous releases – “Oh, Gloria,” “The Dark Half,” and “The New Black” are synonymous to the band’s earlier work and much heavier compared to how softened and poppy the rest of the album is. “Oh, Gloria” begins with a menacing and creepy whisper, which builds up to the great beat and grand vocal melody, and then everything is slowed down for the chorus, which is blended perfectly. It goes without saying that “The Dark Half” and “The New Black” are the harshest songs on the entire album, what with the growling and the prominent vocals, as well as the emotional impact these songs pack in. These songs are followed by the contrasting style of a gentle ballad, “Lovesick,” and the only song to be sung completely through with clean vocals.

While this album is generally substandard and many may be put off by it, there are a few tracks that all fans of Aesthetic Perfection will certainly enjoy. The harsh vocals and profanity have since depleted from AP’s earlier work, but the lean towards a softer music style has become more and more noticeable over the years, so it shouldn;t come as too much of a surprise when this album follows suit. Perhaps this new style will allow the band to experiment with a new subgenre of techno/industrial, or maybe they have even created their own niche as to no longer sound comparable to any music being released these days. Only time will tell.
Track list:

  1. Happily Ever After
  2. Antibody
  3. Lights Out (Ready to Go)
  4. Death Rattle
  5. Big Bad Wolf
  6. Showtime
  7. Oh, Gloria
  8. The Dark Half
  9. The New Black
  10. Lovesick

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