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Aesthetic Perfection - Rhythm + Control (Single)Aesthetic Perfection
Category: Electro-pop / Rock
Album: Rhythm + Control (Single)
Blurb: While longtime fans may cringe at Daniel Graves’ continued pursuit of a poppier direction for Aesthetic Perfection, this latest single is at least a more confident attempt at it.


When any musical entity switches direction at the risk of alienating a core portion of the audience that helped to establish the band in the first place, it presents the conundrum of whether or not the audience should embrace the change and trust the artist’s inclinations or shun the artist for committing the mortal sin of not appealing to their whims. Aesthetic Perfection has always been an act to march to a different beat than the rest of the electro/industrial scene, creating a sound that was all its own, with front man Daniel Graves constantly adapting the project to suit his artistic predilections as he sees fit. Alas, longtime fans who prefer the grittier and harder sounds of the band’s earlier output will just have to face the fact that Graves has of late been pursuing a poppier direction for Aesthetic Perfection, with the Rhythm + Control single being but the latest example. Sadly, this writer must admit to a total unfamiliarity with current trends in mainstream pop, so my points of comparison are sure to provide an inadequate context. That said, the first version of “Rhythm + Control” featuring Jinxx on guitar, sounds like an attempted mash-up of KMFDM with Britney Spears or Lady Gaga, with lyrics that border on cliché and the sort of self aware cheesiness that beleaguers most pop songs. With guest vocalists William Control and Nyxx offering a counterpoint to Graves’ nasally twinged melodies, complete with a few croaks and howls to hint at the punk-like edginess that adorned earlier Aesthetic Perfection outings, the song is disgustingly catchy, complete with some vocoder accompaniments that are all the more palpable in the second electro version, which might offer a slight bit of respite for those who prefer the sounds of the band’s past… but only a slight bit. Ultimately, it’s difficult to sufficiently assess Graves’ new pop direction other than to say that his approach on this single seems to exude more confidence than the previous Love Like Lies single; that may not be saying much, other than to grant him the credit of not being dissuaded by the demands of nostalgia or a fickle audience unwilling to embrace his poppy side. His vocal shortcomings are still present, but he does seem more comfortable on this song than on “Love Like Lies,” taking care not to overreach for an explosion of emotive fury that never seemed to arrive on the previous song, and even allowing his guest vocalists to bask in the spotlight. Rhythm + Control is arguably a more successfully realized single than Love Like Lies, but as to what audience this new Aesthetic Perfection is aimed toward, this writer admits to being dumbfounded.
Track list:

  1. Rhythm + Control (feat. Jinxx, William Control, & Nyxx) [Guitar Version]
  2. Rhythm + Control (feat. William Control & Nyxx) [Electro Version]

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