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Aesthetic Perfection - The Dark Half EPAesthetic Perfection
Category: Electro / Industrial
Album: The Dark Half EP
Stars: 3
Blurb: The second in the trilogy of digital EPs hits harder than Antibody while still subtly shifting gears for Daniel Graves’ ever changing musical vehicle.


Aesthetic Perfection has managed to outlive most of the initial complaints about the trajectory of its evolution. Just like the recently released Antibody, the act’s newest single is almost instantaneously memorable even if the subsequent listens do not necessarily reveal any previously omitted complexities.

“The Dark Half” is not unlike most of Aesthetic Perfection’s songs, equipped in a distinct mixture of bouncy synth hooks and the explosive chorus sure to sweep along masses of dark electro enthusiasts. Underlined by the dynamic, heavy current of EBM energy, this concoction is as much a continuation of the tropes that began on A Violent Emotion and a step in the new pop-esque direction. The drum-driven bridge is an appropriately intense culmination for the built up tensions, but it is strange how the track then returns to the melody of the chorus and ultimately deflates the finale. It might be in need of some deliberate trimming but “The Dark Half” still presents itself as an exciting track for the fans of Daniel Graves’ work.

Like before, the EP itself is built with a unique and eclectic logic at work. Suicide Commando propels the song with the signature fusion of beats and industrial intensity, but stripped of its melody, “The Dark Half” flows forward monotonously, rendering Van Roy’s mix too predictable and standardized. The version from BlackOpz, however, successfully beats Suicide Commando at its own game, delivering a breakneck pace without sacrificing the atmospheric properties of the song. ∆aimon’s conversion seems suitably ominous and nightmarish and the witch house duo employs its signature sound with confidence. The addition of the new vocal lines and trademark aural motifs settles comfortably within the already haunting mood. BITES than uses this set up as a stepping stone and escalates the intensity of electronic crescendos and distils it into crazed swirling passages of pure electro madness. It’s a shame that the B-side “Dead Ringer” sounds like a cheat, shifting entire passages from old Aesthetic Perfection hits and never defining itself as a fully realized and unique entity.

Only time will tell whether the longevity of these new singles will not expire before the arrival of Graves’ new LP and whether the audience will be humming the choruses for months to come. The Dark Half is a solid offering, if not a revelation of some repressed, unknown facet of Aesthetic Perfection’s style, and a thoughtful diverse package that, as a whole, plays better than most EPs out there.
Track list:

  1. The Dark Half
  2. The Dark Half (Suicide Commando Remix)
  3. The Dark Half (∆AIMON Remix)
  4. The Dark Half (BITES Remix)
  5. The Dark Half (BlakOpz Remix)
  6. Dead Ringer

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