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Aesthetic Perfection - Big Bad Wolf EPAesthetic Perfection
Category: Electro-pop
Album: Big Bad Wolf EP
Stars: 3
Blurb: The last of the previews of Grave’s upcoming new album is potentially the most polarizing, but ironically, is also the most satisfying and never betrays the essence of what Aesthetic Perfection came to define.


By now, listeners everywhere are alerted as to the release date and the title of Aesthetic Perfection’s new album. ‘Til Death will not arrive until February, but the three EPs released digitally throughout 2013 have already revealed a fair bit of musical context for Daniel Graves’ upcoming reincarnation.

Whether the Big Bad Wolf instigates a riotous response from the band’s fans or not, this latest track takes Aesthetic Perfection closer towards electro-pop territory than the band dared before. That is not to say that it’s a departure for which listeners are not prepared. The latest single might be filled with indigenous elements, dominating vibrant bass and vocals that appear just a tad more melodic and sweet than before, but the core of what makes Graves’ industrial identity unique is present in abundance. The romantic zest of his music might be wrapped in a fairytale motif, but this never detracts from the actual heavily emotional tone that he perfected on All Beauty Destroyed. The chorus explodes repeatedly into a satisfying crescendo of the synth hooks running through the composition and the vocals that never strive for the angry intensity of Aesthetic Perfection’s past club stompers. As a result, “Big Bad Wolf” achieves a fantastic balance of pop fulfillment and head bobbing dynamism. It’s a shame that this time around none of the gathered mixes challenge the status quo achieved by the original track. SKOLD, Assemblage23, and Robert Vogel all inject very little novelty into the structure of “Big Bad Wolf,” but perhaps this helps validate its own accomplishments. The unexpected presence of Ashbury Heights, now performing with yet another new female vocalist, is a short-lived delight, mainly because the band’s disco version lapses into a “Gangnam Style” routine that is energizing but decidedly distracting. The usual B-side addition finds Aesthetic Perfection consorting with EBM heavies Combichrist and X-RX. The effect of this work is an ironic wink, but the joke that is “FVCK INDUSTRIAL” is played at the audiences’ expense. The track proves to be a dated, prehistoric even, club destined relic and all the cynicism is lost amid the numbing pounding excess that insults the talent of the bands involved and the listeners’ own tastes.

This time around, the package is not as thoughtful or engaging as before, but “Big Bad Wolf” is the most interesting new track that Aesthetic Perfection delivered this year. Graves’ act might have capitalized on the post Twilight gothic fad and moved even further away from the templates established on A Violent Emotion, but the act’s audience can only feel betrayed if it remains oblivious to the infectious pop charm or indifferent to the obvious magnetism of the melodies and vocals employed in service of a simple but emotional track.
Track list:

  1. Big Bad Wolf (Single Mix)
  2. Big Bad Wolf (SKOLD Remix)
  3. Big Bad Wolf (Assemblage 23 Remix)
  4. Big Bad Wolf (Robert Vogel Remix)
  5. Big Bad Wolf (Ashbury Heights Remix)
  6. FVCK INDVSTRIAL (ft. Combichrist and X-RX)

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