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Aesthetic Perfection - AntibodyAesthetic Perfection
Category: Electro / Industrial
Album: Antibody
Stars: 3
Blurb: The Antibody EP is a fresh new approach for Aesthetic Perfection and provides all that the fans look for in their music, this time with a more refined sound.


Antibody just might be a small sample of what to expect on the new album from Aesthetic Perfection and is the first in a series of digital singles leading up to the full-length release due out sometime in 2014. Daniel Graves, the mastermind behind the whole Aesthetic Perfection domain is to this day still the lone creative member. Graves founded the band in Los Angeles in 2000 and encountered huge success in Europe with the release of his debut album, Close to Human. By 2007, Graves had begun growing more fans in North America as well and continued touring after the release of Aesthetic Perfection’s second album, A Violent Emotion. With each album, Graves can be seen boosting his own limits and creativeness to the advancement of Aesthetic Perfection and it is apparent Graves does not coward from taking big risks since he knows there is the likely possibility of big rewards. Upon first listen, “Antibody” appears different than other Aesthetic Perfection songs, but after letting it flourish, it feels very much like one the band’s tracks and Grave’s signature sound starts to emerge. The song showcases the ranges of Grave’s vocals and his usual coarse style surfaces toward the end of the song. The EP contains seven versions of “Antibody” with most of them distorting and suffocating the vocals while adding a different feel to the song. Elliott Berlin adds some great industrial elements to his remix, giving the song a heavier rock feel without losing the components of the original. Some other standout remixes include the ballad-induced Surgyn remix and the hard dance floor feel of the Deadbeat remix. The last track on the EP is another new one for Aesthetic Perfection, appropriately titled “Damn Good Rhythm.” It’s not a bad track, but its silly lyrics and overall familiar elements make it a prime candidate for an EP only track. Even though the new sound is a bit different, it does not feel constrained and does sound genuine and sincere, which is probably why Aesthetic Perfection has a loyal fan base – Graves always delivers extraordinary vocals, fascinating lyrics, and electronic sounds fit for enjoyment.
Track list:

  1. Antibody (Single Version)
  2. Antibody (Elliott Berlin Remix)
  3. Antibody (Deathproof Remix)
  4. Antibody (Surgyn Remix)
  5. Antibody (Deadbeat Remix)
  6. Antibody (Vanity Police Remix)
  7. Antibody (Stiff Valentine Remix)
  8. Damn Good Rhythm

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