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Aesthetic Perfection - A Nice Place to Destroy EPAesthethic Perfection
Category: Industrial / EBM
Album: A Nice Place to Destroy EP
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: An occasionally superb and consistently varied compilation of remixes that squeezes almost every drop of potential out of the original material.


Riding on the back of this year’s All Beauty Destroyed, Aesthethic Perfection counters with a remix EP that takes under careful scrutiny two drastically different compositions. Daniel Graves’ talent for often ascetic forms of club friendly compositions is challenged in several intriguing ways to reveal, to those unconvinced, the value of his work and, effectively, the self contained value of each element of this release.

“A Nice Place to Visit” is one of the stronger tracks of the original album, in equal parts defined by furious vocals and a dynamic melodic line. Formalin’s take on the composition might begin in a restrained, lackluster fashion but explodes into an aggressive fusion of stomping beats and grizzly guitars and marks an overwhelmingly promising start to this latest remix endeavor. An unexpected rock/metal twist added to the pot makes a strong case for genre diversity even if the rest of the material doesn’t necessarily stretch as far as to transcend Aesthethic Perfection’s dance floor occupation. The second reworking by Double Plus Ten replaces the harsh, industrial overtones with a chill out vibe that contrasts nicely with the growling vocal parts, although as a result, devoid of dynamic highs, the track progresses without much energy. Dirty and gritty, the version by Of These, Hope closes the first part of A Nice Place to Destroy and does so through an energizing blend of traditional EBM rhythms and noisy distortions; it’s a thoughtful direction for Graves’ work that usually employs cleaner, more melodic method.

The opening notes of “All Beauty Destroyed,” rich in the obvious beauty of emotional lyrics layered on top of a simple piano composition, stand in stark contrast to previous tracks; the song’s four following mixes to a large degree preserve its striking appeal. Daniel Myer serves a predictable but haunting IDM soundscape that fleshes out the track’s preexistent unsettling tone through a construction of subtle, gentle sounds and intense, buzzing backgrounds. The following mix by Comaduster might catch the listener off guard with its obvious, tripping dubstep inspiration. It’s a challenging and rewarding form for “All Beauty Destroyed,” but also one that is unlikely to hold the attention of those who stand in adamant opposition to this current and ubiquitous trend. If anything else, it’s technically proficient and an accomplished effort notable for the flawless integration of manipulated vocals into the mix. The glitchy current of the EMP 80834 version is, to a similar extent as the original, reliant on the sparse use of a few sound effects, but this heavily electronic effort injects much needed rhythm into the song’s melancholic backbone. Sensuous Enemy exhausts the list of remixes with an epic orchestral instrumentation that highlights the dramatic quality without ever pushing it too far into the realm of bombastic, pseudo-cinematic pretension. On top of all that Aesthethic Perfection serves a bonus remix of the ‘80s classic “She Drives Me Crazy” that finds Graves, once again, playfully channeling pop spirits, but your enjoyment of this particular item will be fully dependant on your appreciation of this sort of musical punch line. This writer will take Fine Young Cannibals’ golden oldie any day of the week over the new and improved electro version.

All and all, it’s a worthy addition to Aesthethic Perfection’s growing resume, one that showcases the plasticity of Daniel Graves’ songwriting. Fans and non-fans alike should be able to swallow this EP effortlessly and even those who were unimpressed with All Beauty Destroyed might feel compelled to revisit the original in search of the ingredient that resonated so well with the acts behind A Nice Place to Destroy.
Track list:

  1. A Nice Place to Visit (Album Version)
  2. A Nice Place to Visit (Formalin Remix)
  3. A Nice Place to Visit (Double Plus Ten Remix)
  4. A Nice Place to Visit (Of These Hope Remix)
  5. All Beauty Destroyed (Album Version)
  6. All Beauty Destroyed (Daniel Myer Remix)
  7. All Beauty Destroyed (Comaduster Remix)
  8. All Beauty Destroyed (Emp 80834 Remix)
  9. All Beauty Destroyed (Sensuous Enemy Remix)
  10. She Drives Me Crazy

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