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Aerial FX
Category: New Wave / Synthpop
Album: Same River Twice
Stars: 3
Blurb: There’s no wave like the new wave.


In the early ‘80s, a five-piece band based out of Oxford dramatically changed their sound to meld with the surging new wave movement. They adopted the name Aerial FX, releasing two singles and one full album before their abrupt disbandment in the middle of the decade. Now, 25 years later, a full album’s worth of Aerial FX music has surfaced – Same River Twice. With 12 songs that have never seen the light of day until now, Aerial FX’s commemoration will make listeners yearn for a return to the days of new wave with its unabashed upbeat mood and lyrics.

Same River Twice is a fantastic flashback to the ‘80s new wave genre, filled with poppy dance numbers, catchy grooves, and a great rock sound. Sultry, melancholy vocals trade off with light and romantic ones. From the opening track of “Hold Me” through the ending track of “Make It for You (12” Version),” Aerial FX flaunts the genre outstandingly. Guitars collide with synth, from “Heatwave” to “Where Is Tomorrow” to “I See Changes.” However, while the music is very nostalgic and very enjoyable, this is by no means an outstanding album. It fits the mold of the genre for the time, doing all the right things in all the right places, but Aerial FX doesn’t jump out the way that artists such as New Order or Joy Division did. In fact, Aerial FX sounds very reminiscent of these bands and more, making them more of a mirror for the time.

Same River Twice is a solid album and a great reminder of 25 years ago. However, it is a repeat journey, as the album title implies, down the same river as many other bands. Aerial FX is a way to reminisce on the good old days as much as possible.
Track list:

  1. Hold Me
  2. Out the Window
  3. April 5th
  4. Heatwave
  5. Spirit
  6. Down to Heaven
  7. Who Is Down There
  8. Where Is Tomorrow
  9. Soft Game
  10. Make It for You (7” Version)
  11. I See Changes
  12. Make It for You (12” Version)

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