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Adversus - Der Zeit Abhanden
Category: Goth / Metal
Album: Der Zeit Abhanden
Stars: 3
Blurb: Theatrical and imaginative, Adversus’ Der Zeit Abhanden builds a dark fairy tale world with bold vocals and no shortage of musical talent.


According to the English version of the press kit, Adversus’ Der Zeit Abhanden (Lost in Time) has a subtitle that translates to “Eleven Stories for Escapees,” but that may be a mistranslation as it doesn’t take a fluent bilingual to see that “Elf Märchen für Entflohene” has something to do with elves. Punch that into a translation program and it says, literally: Elf fairytale for escapee. That pretty much sums it up right there. Intense and theatrical, Adversus delivers exactly what you would expect from a German gothic metal band. Gorgeous orchestrations back dramatic operatic vocals and tell fable-worthy stories of heroes, monsters, daring rescues, and damsels in distress. Whether the listener knows German or not, the epic adventure unfolding is apparent.

If Adversus does one thing really well, it is to create intriguing musical scenery. Disregarding the vocals, the music is lovely – with the majority performed on actual instruments rather than depending completely on synths and preprogrammed beats, you have to respect the talent involved. The medieval-sounding melodies are complex and interesting, a blend of fantasy and modern electric guitar. They feel like a fairytale created from glitter and leg of mutton. Add the female vocals performed by Aysel and you get true operatic passion. You don’t have to know what she’s singing to know it’s probably important. The final element is Rosendorn’s creepy growling and screaming, which keeps the whole thing from falling into a pink princess fantasy. It provides fascinating contrast to the smoothness of everything else.

Fans of dark fantasy will find plenty to enjoy on Der Zeit Abhanden. Whether they prefer the lovely medieval orchestrations, the gothic opera female vocals, or the disturbing creature-like male vocals, they cannot deny the mixture is potent.
Track list:

  1. Prolog
  2. Gespinste
  3. Brüder
  4. Unter den Huellen
  5. Einer Nacht Gewesenes
  6. Entropia
  7. Ein Ding im Spiegel
  8. Das Mädchen mit den Grablichtern
  9. Feuersbrunst im Jammertal
  10. Dies minniglich Lied
  11. Kellerkind
  12. In des Hades Tiefen
  13. Epilog

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  1. Purn says:

    Dear Mrs. Weisenheimer,

    actually you are very wrong…

    take the pro- and epilogue away and you’ve got 11. (eleven) tracks/stories. And also my german isn’t the best, I can tell you that there’s not a single text about elves on this album… sorry!

    Best, Purn

  2. Tika says:


    As a german listener of Adversus I totally agree to Purn: Eleven(, not elven-) tales. ;)

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