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Adoration Destroyed - Ritual DeconstructionAdoration Destroyed
Category: Electro / Rock
Album: Ritual Deconstruction
Blurb: Expanding and improving on the band’s strengths with a few new songs and some reinterpretations from the debut album, this companion EP shows Adoration Destroyed on the rise in the electro/industrial scene.


Having released its debut album in 2016, Adoration Destroyed has been continuing on an upward trajectory in the electro/industrial scene, performing live with some of the scene’s heaviest hitters. Ritual Damage presented a virulent and diverse brand of dark electro adorned with a few guitars to give it a bit of industrial/rock edge, with Erik Gustafson’s disaffected and occasionally inert, yet still melodic voice as the icing on the cake. With Ritual Deconstruction, Adoration Destroyed offers up a companion EP that features two new tracks and four remixes to complement and enhance the band’s sound further into new stages of development. For instance, the opening track “Timelapse” instantly demonstrates a greater emphasis on the guitars, the scathing riffs and abrasive electronics atop slow, powerful beats creating a malign atmosphere upon which Gustafson’s voice hovers shrill and acerbic. Similarly, “Fingerbleed” almost recalls the celestial ambience of The Birthday Massacre as guttural riffs and scorching synth leads and arpeggios ensnare the listener, the subtle harmonies of the chorus inescapably striking, while the redux of “Never Mine” may be less confrontational than the original version, the guitars muted to allow the synths to shine and seethe with their own power, but Gustafson’s vocal harmonies are much more satisfying this time around, the fadeout of psychedelic leads as he chants “We’re all alone in the end anyway” adding a much more visceral effect that makes this a more preferable interpretation of the song. The same can be said of The Rain Within’s remix of “Torn Apart,” the pulsating synthwave bass line serving the vocal melody much more effectively than the original, Gustafson’s natural tonality revealed more brilliantly now that they’re no longer drenched in distortion. Interface transforms “Carnal Dirge” into a bouncy EDM track filled with warbling dubstep effects and EBM ready beats and synth accompaniment, primed for the dance floor, but the real star here is the Crossroads mix of “Voices Carry.” Though Adoration Destroyed had crafted a more than competent cover of the Til Tuesday hit, Gustafson’s voice didn’t seem up t the task of achieving the tense emotional release that Aimee Mann had in the song’s climax, leaving the cover feeling a touch inert. With the addition of Ego Likeness’ Donna Lynch, the song is elevated to a more dynamic version that remains faithful to the original while still infused with the band’s own flourishes, the interplay between Gustafson and Lynch simply a joy to listen to. Ritual Deconstruction proves to be a fine companion to the debut full-length, expanding on the group’s powers both as its own unit and as a collaborative effort. Different elements of electro and industrial music are bridged much more powerfully on this EP, showing that Adoration Destroyed is improving on its skills and maintaining a steady flow of songwriting output and development, indicating a bright future ahead for this dark electro/rock band.
Track list:

  1. Timelapse
  2. Fingerbleed
  3. Torn Apart [The Rain Within Remix]
  4. Carnal Dirge [Interface Remix]
  5. Voices Carry [Crossroads Mix feat. Ego Likeness]
  6. Never Mine Redux

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