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Ad Inferna - Ultimum OmniumAd Inferna
Category: Electro / Industrial
Album: Ultimum Ominum
Stars: 4
Blurb: A raging inferno full of vicious synths, harsh vocals, and pulsing drums that will get anyone up and dancing.


Like a blast of dark energy, Ad Inferna fires out their latest album, Ultimum Ominum, a fast paced project with throbbing drums, dark synths, and harsh vocals that come together and explode to create a fantastic concoction that will be sure to capture your mind and get you up and dancing. Hearing the drums on Ultimum Ominum will get anyone moving but it’s the varied instrumentation that really shines as there are pianos and even at times string instruments to follow along with the synths and the vicious vocals that are almost chanting and coercing as the music plays. You should be hearing Ad Inferna in all of your local dark discos but Ultimum Ominum is a fantastic listen whether you just want to play some great dark music or whether you’re preparing to smash up the dance floor.

Ad Inferna opens Ultimum Ominum with the haunting “Opus Dei,” a track comprised of ambient noise, wind blows, and distant background screams that will prepare you for what is to come throughout the album. Following is “Shed No Tears,” which begins with light piano and whispering vocals that lead you to its up-tempo drums, dark synths, and background strings; a well done combination that is also made better by the growling vocals present throughout. “All Shall Die” is a standout track of pure electro bliss with a high energy bass line and a huge synth chorus that sounds epic along with the vocals, all traits that it shares with “Madone,” another track with an epic chorus and raging bass and synths. Also present throughout the album are sound bites from various horror themed TV shows such as True Blood and The Walking Dead, used in various tracks like “Extinction.” These bits seem to go well with the music, which can also feel haunting or occult at times, and actually help the presentation of the album because while some bands are overboard with things of this nature, it is used well by Ad Inferna. “Litanie de Sang” is another notable track whose drums sound as if it is a monster hunting you throughout its intro. As it picks up, the chase intensifies and you come within mere seconds from being eaten, the vocals only adding to the darkness of this particular track. Ad Inferna ends Ultimum Ominum with “Infinite Si Mal,” a dark ambient track that brings you out of the album with the same feeling you were brought into it with. It is an ending that will surely haunt you long after the album has stopped playing.

Ad Inferna can do many things with Ultimum Ominum, from commanding the dance floor or forcing you to sit and listen, so a lot can be said for the quality of the band’s work. The dark sounds of the synths rage loudly and fiercely, the vocals growl and shout, never straying from their convictions, and the drums pound powerfully like the fist of a giant. Make no mistake; Ultimum Ominum is a monster of an album and should not be ignored.
Track list:

  1. Opus Dei
  2. Shed No Tears
  3. Hell Within
  4. All Shall Die
  5. Madone
  6. Revelations
  7. Extinction
  8. Das Ende
  9. Litanie de Sang
  10. Ad Inferna
  11. Infinite Si Mal

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