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Acucrack - The Mawn ReproductionAcucrack
Category: Electronic / Industrial
Album: The Mawn Reproduction
Stars: 4.5
Album: Returning to his dark industrial roots, Jason Novak crafts a brilliant album of audio terror and haunting experimental electronica.


DJ? Acucrack was initially intended to showcase the more electronic skills of Acumen Nation’s Jason Novak and Jamie Duffy, with the DJ? prefix included as a mockery of the prevalent DJ culture in electronic music in the late ‘90s and early 2000s. Since the 2007 release of Humanoids from the Deep, both Acucrack and Acumen have effectively been in a state of hibernation with all releases since being under the Cracknation moniker. With The Mawn Reproduction, Jason Novak resurrects Acucrack with a vengeance, returning to his dark industrial roots with a vicious display of audio horror more reminiscent of Skinny Puppy than Dieselboy, more slasher film than rave party.

A stark mechanical ambience chugs along, a haunting melody steadily appearing until an onslaught of Dan Brill’s percussion and Novak’s distant and effected voice, eventually giving way to a chorus line almost disturbing in its childlike cadence as “Honey” opens The Mawn Reproduction in fine form. Throughout the album is a bleak and decrepit atmosphere, like the sonic equivalent of a slasher film, from the grinding hip-hop and Kelly Britton’s ghostly vocal refrains on “Xtro” to the turbulent beats and sludgy electronics of “Correction,” from the foreboding scrapes and dreamy vocals of “Murder of the Triplets” evoking an old school industrial feel to the big beat percussive attack of “Languid States” as Giorgia Novak’s backup vocal accentuates Jason’s almost groaning laze. Furious is the beat and bass of “Violence” and “Opensource Organsport,” both featuring rather catchy choruses, while “Xtro” and “The Swan” find Acucrack experimenting with dubstep textures. Of course, it wouldn’t quite be Acucrack without a fair helping of drum & bass, as “Pineal Splitter” features a horn sample reminiscent of the opening moments of Mako vs. Geist, but with a heavier and more malevolent quality to the vocals and overall tonality.

In many ways, even with its blackened atmosphere, The Mawn Reproduction is very much a return to Acucrack’s earlier aesthetics, best exemplified by the closing track, “Russian River Conspiracy.” With just a touch of orchestral flourish, it is an unabashed dark dance track that will surely bring many listeners back to the mindset of “Nation State” or even the Artifacts releases. With Cyanotic’s Sean Payne contributing additional programming and Jamie Duffy credited as the “Ghost in the Machine,” Jason Novak has crafted a rather brilliant album of distorted electronica. It’s horrific yet enticing, groovy yet disturbing, and is sure to please both longtime crackwhores and fans of darkly sonic experimentalism.
Track list:

  1. Honey
  2. Violence
  3. Xtro
  4. Pineal Splitter
  5. Correction
  6. The Swan
  7. Murder of the Triplets
  8. Opensource Organsport
  9. Languid States
  10. Russian River Conspiracy

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