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Ace Reporter - Arcadia EP
Ace Reporter
Category: Electronica / Indie Rock
Album: Arcadia EP
Stars: 4.5
Blurb: Eclectic and surprisingly deep, Ace Reporter’s Arcadia needs to be heard.


In 2010, singer/songwriter/musician Chris Snyder – a.k.a. Ace Reporter – began his inspirational ThreeSixFive project, and wrote and recorded one song a day for an entire year. With that massive archive to pull from, he spent 2011 taking on the task of wading through the material and releasing a number of free EPs to showcase his work. The fourth installment is Arcadia, a collection of six surprisingly diverse and intelligent songs. The average songwriter can take months to create something half as complete.

The EP begins with “Arcadia.” Doing a search through the 365 songs, you can compare Day 309’s “Arcadia” with the one on the EP. It’s not the same, but you can hear where the instrumental about cause without effect may have influenced the slightly more upbeat indie/pop vocal version. It would have been nice to get a bit of the original piano into it though. “Stick To” is pretty similar between the original and EP versions. Featuring distorted organ and some robotic backing vocals, it’s an interesting piece. However, the newer version is made superior with the addition of a catchy sing-along “ladidadidah” chorus – nice. A dance track sneaks in at the third position. The remix of “Lean Honey Lean” is a joyous celebration of the things we can depend on, with a strong tempo and great lyrics. “The World is On Fire” is a bit political, but the heavy message is easier to swallow when swathed in a smooth beat and nearly hip hop-like vocals. He could just as easily be singing about driving down the road in a convertible and checking out the ladies. And on a completely different note, we have “Pelican,” with distorted beat boxing and an experimental Radiohead-like feel. It’s not the easiest to listen to, but definitely the most haunting. Finally, we have the beautiful “We Used to Wait.” It is a cover of Arcade Fire, but when looking past that, it’s really, really nice with gentle vocals, guitar, subtle percussion, and a string section.

Whether you heard every song the moment they were posted or you missed out on the ThreeSixFive project, you should still make an effort to download these free EPs. Ace Reporter may be a genius. Just writing and recording a song every day for a year proves he’s insane, but aren’t we all a little mad?
Track list:

  1. Arcadia
  2. Stick To
  3. Lean Honey Lean (Swingset Committee Remix)
  4. The World is on Fire (Barbara Remix)
  5. Pelican (feat Chris Kuklis)
  6. We Used to Wait [Bonus Track]

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