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Accessory - UnderbeatAccessory
Category: EBM / Electro
Album: Underbeat
Stars: 3
Blurb: An interesting approach for widening modern club EBM, but too simplistically executed to be sustainable.


Since 1994, the Chemnitz-based band Accessory, consisting of Dirk Steyer – a.k.a. Maelstrom Inc. – and his cooperator Mike Koeningsberger, has been putting out a solid stream of electro and EBM club hits, certainly making their presence known with such releases as Jukka2147.de and Titan. Starting off solidly with the drum & bass inspired song “The Mouth,” encompassed within is a futuristic and malevolent stature, but fittingly enough to paint up the picture of a continuous technological dystopia. Even though it’s too short to be memorable, it fits greatly as primarily an intro track, with a lot of glitch influences and some mean sounding synths. But as the album progresses, the more club like sound clings toward the straightforwardness of the songs. In all certainty, this would be a preferable outlay of EBM in general, but this writer finds it to be lacking in both content and structure. The similar buildups and variations don’t come out too great in “Raise.” Surprisingly enough, even though the system is skewed, accompanied with screechy synths and similarity, the songs “It Sounds Like” and “Tanzrichtung vortwärts” sound like original pieces of EBM bangers. Everything is fitted and neatly packaged, but without the commercial sound and self-loathing lyrics. It also separates from the less decent songs on the premise that the distortion is not used as a mean of hardness but as a contribution to the overall sound. In addition, continuing a lesser variation of tempo and aggressive and distorted vocals keeps it from falling apart like the other songs on the album. The band is in dire need to find their roots once again and utilize the more stable and worthwhile sound of what used to be Accessory in order to mix with the newer elements. Even though they have strong points in their defense, they will inevitably be overrun.
Track list:

  1. The Mouth
  2. Voran
  3. Keen Girl (Clean Version)
  4. Shout It Out
  5. Startime
  6. Ruff Fuxxx
  7. Tanzrichtung vortwärts
  8. Sunrise
  9. World 6000
  10. She Says It Feels Good
  11. Raise
  12. It Sounds Like

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