Jun 2011 15

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Access Zero
Category: Industrial / Electronica
Album: Living in Transition
Stars: 4.5
Blurb: After much delay and anticipation, Access Zero slams electronic music in the face with this debut album.


One year after teasing everyone with demo tracks, Access Zero unleashes their debut album Living in Transition to the masses. Fans who heard the original demos will be thrilled to hear the incredible progress and improvements made to the songs, while fans of electronic/industrial music should enjoy Access Zero’s solid beats and catchy synths. The band may potentially be described as a supergroup: membership consists primarily of past and present contributors to bands The Azoic, SANG.RÆL, and Dubok that have come together to form the current sound. However they may be described, the music speaks for itself.

The album is a straight up electronic/industrial album with no punches pulled; the music is hard-hitting and high-energy, everything desired in a debut. Access Zero takes a thematic approach to the album, overlapping sounds from other songs in callback fashion – this has the potential to hold a strong overarching sound theme or become repetitive, depending on the listener. Fans may here trace elements of Rotersand, Covenant, and other influences in the sound.

Access Zero kicks off with “These Things They Fell Apart,” one of the demo tracks dangled in front of fans back in 2009. The song has a very round beat, good electronics, and an excellent use of panning and modulation. It’s perfect for listening or for dancing. From here, the tracks keep going in solid fashion; electro-dance and industrial music with smooth yet distorted, impassioned vocals. Access Zero moves from light and airy club/electronica to harsh and heavy industrial/dance flawlessly, sometimes even right in the middle of a song. Tracks such as “Little Stranger” and “Draw the Line” are engaging and driving, while “Years of Wasted Time,” “Lost Among the Reign,” and “Away” are moving and danceable. The band replaces the energy of electronica with a passionate energy in the track “Let It Go,” coupling haunting piano with ethereal female vocals and a solid groove. Access Zero even takes on the classic “Tainted Love,” bringing it up to speed with energetic electronics and an engaging beat. The cover lacks the vocal range and jazzy feel of the Soft Cell version, but Access Zero’s cover is an excellent electronic rendition for the modern age.

Access Zero does not disappoint with Living in Transition, charging the speakers with their intense sound and energy. After such a grand debut, one can only hope that the band can keep the momentum going.
Track list:

  1. These Things, They Fell Apart
  2. Little Stranger
  3. Broken
  4. Going Nowhere
  5. Away
  6. Let It Go
  7. Draw the Line
  8. Lost Among the Reign
  9. Tainted Love
  10. Years of Wasted Time
  11. In These Dreams

Access Zero Website http://access-zero.net
Access Zero MySpace http://www.myspace.com/accesszero
Access Zero Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Access-Zero/25842456821
Access Zero Twitter http://twitter.com/AccessZero
A Different Drum Website http://adifferentdrum.com
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