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Access to Arasaka - OrbitusAccess to Arasaka
Category: Electronica / Ambient
Album: Orbitus
Stars: 3
Blurb: A trip through the cold blackness of space highlights this well textured and ambient piece.


Ever been to outer space? If not you may want to pop in Access to Arasaka’s Orbitus and be whisked away to the deep, cold darkness of space. An album full of ambient textures and dark electronic sounds, Orbitus hits all of its marks by creating a scene and taking the listener there with ease. Make no mistake; this album is outer space at its very core. Unfortunately, Orbitus falters here by making the album’s nine tracks too similar in sound and it can make for a long run-on sentence of an album rather than several points expressing an overall complete thought. The second failing of Orbitus is in that it may be boring to some listeners and leave them drifting out of the music. However, Access to Arasaka keeps the album short so as to avoid this pushing from one track to the next rather quickly with no song lasting more than five minutes.

Orbitus begins with the short and effective “Source,” which is chockfull of spacey synths and odd electronic noises. It sets the stage for the album nicely and is immediately followed by “Sicral,” which sounds like a continuation of “Source” up until about three minutes in, after which it gains drums that set it apart. Unfortunately, “Ellipse” suffers the same fate, starting out very similar to the first two songs and then setting itself apart about halfway through, although “Cynosure” and “Relay” break this monotony and bring new electronic and ambient drums into the mix, which makes them stand out from the other tracks. “Photons” brings Orbitus to a close with a bit of an epic feel and has a dark ambient sound filled with background noise that gives the impression of aliens talking.

Access to Arasaka has captured the cold, deep darkness of outer space with Orbitus, but it unfortunately doesn’t capture all of the activity that goes along with the darkness. Space is full of stars exploding, galaxies changing, solar flares, and various activities from meteors to planets, none of which is really evoked here in this album, but Orbitus is a nicely done album; just don’t expect to be wowed or moved immensely. If you’re looking for an album to perhaps relax to and drift off into the dark, Access to Arasaka has created it here. However, if you’re expecting an epic exploration into space, sadly you may want to miss this ride.
Track list:

  1. Source
  2. Sicral
  3. Ellipse
  4. Helios
  5. Cynosure
  6. Relay
  7. Kyokko
  8. Brilliant Pebbles
  9. Photons

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