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Access to Arasaka - GeosynchronAccess to Arasaka
Category: IDM
Album: Geosynchron
Stars: 3
Blurb: Dark and moody IDM that seems to be struggling between greater accessibility and deeper formless experimentation.


The follow up to the Orbitus and Aleph EPs, Geosynchron marks Access to Arasaka’s third full-length album and shows the first signs of potential growing pains for the act. Access to Arasaka has quickly become known for its slow, somber, and intricate style and that tradition continues with this latest release, but a few minor missteps keep this outing from reaching the same heights as their previous work despite some exemplary tracks that are sure to help expose them to new audiences.

Geosynchron begins with the eerie electronic nightmares of “Rhea” and “Ixion” with the former acting as more of an intro track and the latter really kicking off the album. However, like a nightmare, “Ixion” and its following track “Talitha” suffer from a bit of overreach in their quest for chaotic formless IDM; they are both wonderfully complex and layered, but they simply don’t flow and by the time “Talitha” reaches its drum & bass crescendo, listeners are likely to find themselves not remembering the path the track wound to get there. These early tracks prove to be a bit of an anomaly as the album moves into the deep, weighty, sweeping waves of synth that rumble beneath the high end glitch and playful percussion more common of the band. Towards the center of the album, a few surprises are to be had. “BS-2X” takes the earlier experiment with drum & bass and morphs it into something uniquely fitting to Access to Araska’s style with a dark, glitchy, tortured version of the typical drum & bass sound; offering something more familiar and accessible, but absolutely making it their own. “Lysithea,” however, is simply stunning as Access to Arasaka experiments with incorporating the vocals of label mate Jamie Blacker of ESA fame. The combination yields a truly haunting track that should make for an excellent gateway track for those have never heard the act before.

While not the same absolute success of some of its previous work, Geosynchron still shows off Access to Arasaka’s ample talent, and more importantly, shows evidence of growth and expansion of their sound. The jump between a more formless style and work with more mass appeal does leave the album mildly disjointed and breaks up the album’s flow, leaving it feeling overly long. Flow problems aside, Access to Arasaka still proves to be an exciting young act to follow with plenty of surprises still left in its bag of tricks.
Track list:

  1. Rhea
  2. Ixion
  3. Talitha
  4. Oberon
  5. Naos
  6. Cursa
  7. BS-2X
  8. Lysithea (feat. Jamie Blacker)
  9. Alcyone
  10. Kaguya
  11. Sao
  12. Rana
  13. Polaris

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