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Absurd Minds
Category: Industrial
Album: Serve or Suffer
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Absurd Minds sticks to the simplicity that has gained them so much ground over the years.


After a five year silence, Absurd Minds returns to the scene with their fifth studio album to date, Serve or Suffer. Absurd Minds differs itself from others in the genre by sticking to simplicity, with well defined drumming and synth lines that steer away from overt complexity blending with clear-cut vocals. With five albums in this style, it’s clear to see that Absurd Minds has got the delivery down to a science, and there’s seemingly no reason to change a model that’s worked so well for so long; especially when no one else is doing what they are.

The 13 tracks of Serve or Suffer stick solidly to the mold, though each track is independently enjoyable and varied. The heavy drums are a constant throughout the album, providing a strong pulse to the music that accelerates through songs such as “Human Bomb,” “Deficit Mindset,” and the title track “Serve or Suffer,” and slows things down through songs like “The King,” “Countdown,” and “Interconnectedness” at all the right moments. Absurd Minds throws catchy hooks at the listeners to reel them in, and they keep them captivated with strong, critical lyrics. The album is moving and strong across the board. Serve or Suffer wraps with a new take on the Metallica track “Holier than Thou,” on which Absurd Minds bring static pads, swelling synths, and wispy vocals over powerful drums for a wholly unique rendition to make the track their own.

The music of Serve or Suffer strongly reflects Absurd Mind’s persistent style, from The Focus and further back. While there’s nothing innovative or new in this album, it’s all enjoyable. Consistency can be a gift, especially if you’ve got it right the first time.


Track list:

  1. The King
  2. Human Bomb
  3. Interconnectedness
  4. Deficit Mindset
  5. Pendulum Swing
  6. Eternal Witness
  7. Serve or Suffer
  8. S[HELL]S
  9. Countdown
  10. Tear It Down
  11. I Enter You
  12. Somebody
  13. Holier than Thou


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