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(A)Brilliant Massacr(E) - Science Fiction(A)Brilliant Massacr(E)
Category: EBM / Rock
Album Title: Science Fiction
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: (A)Brilliant Massacre(E) utilizes many subgenres of industrial to create an album so unique, they had to call it Science Fiction.


Sometimes, music is made of instruments and vocals, but Seattle, Washington’s (A)Brilliant Massacr(E) is much more than just music. To go along with the genre and mind-bending music, the message has a very deep meaning that delves deep into the psyche of the universe. Roger Jarvis (HexRX, Kevorkian Death Cycle) and Sean Whitman have created an oxymoron of music; for every element of their act has an equal and opposite reaction. ABM’s new album, Science Fiction encompasses EBM, rock, dance, and indie electronic music.

The first three tracks sample more of the subtle and pleasant side of ABM. “New Pretender,” is a favorite track from the album; if this writer were to choose any song to be a single for Science Fiction, it would be this one. “3blindwords” is an interesting little diddy that sounds like a Tones on Tail B-side. It’s upbeat and danceable and the subtle use of Auto-Tune is just the right amount of digital enhancement. Sometimes the music makes you want to dance but other tracks such as “Brilliant Massacre” can put you in a brooding mood. This track, which shares the band’s namesake, sounds like waterfalls of drums falling over each other again and again. It’s a cleverly written track with thought provoking lyrics such as “I should have known the way you mispronounced sympathy, you’d want more than just a part of me.” “Wbml” takes you on a magic carpet ride of acidic synthesizers. It’s as if ABM is trying to use incantations to control its listeners. With thudding drumbeats and mind-controlling vocals, it’s by far the most unique and groundbreaking track. The only track that didn’t seem to have a place was “Liberte De La Lune.” It’s an instrumental track, but doesn’t follow suit with the same unique instrumentations used on Science Fiction. It definitely strays too far off the path to be enjoyable with the rest of the album.

Science Fiction also offers four remixes to make this a 12 track album. “Science Fiction” as remixed by Assemblage 23 and the Massacre mix of “Brilliant Massacre” by HexRX were the two standouts of the remixes as Assemblage 23 turned “Science Fiction” into a synthpop and techno infused anthem while HexRX gave “Brilliant Massacre” a grinding edge that added a lot of grit to the song. All-in-all, Science Fiction offers up seven really stellar tracks with two concrete remixes to go along with them. So long as Jarvis and Whitman keep on unleashing mind-melting music like this, Seattle will be known for a lot more than just grunge.
Track list:

  1. Horizon
  2. Iron Sky
  3. New Pretender
  4. 3blindwords
  5. Liberte De La Lune
  6. Science Fiction
  7. Wbml
  8. Brilliant Massacre
  9. Science Fiction (Alchemical Remix)
  10. Science Fiction (Remix)
  11. Science Fiction (Assemblage 23 Remix)
  12. Brilliant Massacre (Massacre Mix)

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Grant V. Ziegler (GVZ)

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  1. Sharon Ziegler says:

    Excellent review. the enchanting words used to describe the music makes the songs sound like fuel for the soul. Love it.

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