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Aborym - Dirty RemixAborym
Category: Black Metal / Industrial / Experimental
Album: Dirty Remix
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: As visceral and as violent as any in this Italian act’s past releases, this remix companion emphasizes Aborym’s more electronic and industrial aspects without sacrificing any of the extreme metal intensity.


For over two decades, Aborym has stood as something of an enigma; an extreme metal entity whose incorporation of harsh electronics and industrial atmospheres (… or is it the other way around?) has enabled the group to stand in a class all its own. In 2013, the band released its sixth album, the appropriately titled Dirty, which further solidified the Aborym aesthetic and skating the fine lines between decrepit mechanical ambience and scathing blackened metal. As a companion piece, Dirty Remix adds to its parent album’s intensity with both the band and a throng of outside talents emphasizing the electronics without sacrificing the aggression.

To kick off the proceedings, Aborym offers the new track “All the Way Alive,” which immediately sets the tone for Dirty Remix with nary a guitar to be heard, but still full of haunting samples and bombastic percussive attacks to give the song a viciously epic feel. The band then reaches back a full decade with a new version of “Does Not Compute” from With No Human Intervention, although if one were to listen to the two tracks back-to-back, one would be hard-pressed to discern a considerable difference beyond an adjustment in the overall production; the song still retains the original’s spastic IDM rhythms and caustic metallic textures, and does well to maintain the pulse of Dirty Remix until the remixes proper begin.

Of the three versions of “Helter Skelter Youth” present, fellow industrialized metalhead Mortiis opts for a slower, more menacing buildup of cacophonous guitars and synths, the percussion pummeling its way into the listener’s psyche, while Throne of Molok’s Pervy remix has its sights set on the dance floor with pounding four-on-the-floor beats and glitchy samples. Arguably, Red Sector A’s Stigmata remix is the least interesting with its more straightforward programmed metal response, the guitars and Malfeitor Fabban’s croaking vocals taking prominence, though it should please fans of the band’s more metal based audience. The same can be said of the Blackbirds 11 remix of “I Don’t Know” given its frantic and unrelenting onslaught of guitars and rapid fire drumbeats, although the song’s more melodic properties are not lost in this version. Kingdom’s Tanz mit Aborym remix of “Irreversible Crisis” stands in stark contrast to the sparser, more ominous and darkly ambient Rotten Core remix by Narchost, although it works rather well when paired with XP8’s high octane electro/EBM version of “Dirty.” However, it is that Narchost version of “Irreversible Crisis” that ends the album and rightly so as it is, in this writer’s opinion, the best and most sonically adventurous track on Dirty Remix.

As a limited edition release, Dirty Remix is purely for the hardcore fans of Aborym, as well as those few who enjoy the juxtaposition of ugliness and beauty in music. As visceral and as engaging as any in the group’s past output, this is an album that will undoubtedly please the more rivethead base of Aborym’s audience, despite its occasional reminders of the act’s virulently extreme metal leanings; and just as difficult a task to endure from beginning to end, Dirty Remix is not an album for those who don’t revel in a fair helping of violent audio.
Track list:

  1. All the Way Alive
  2. Does Not Compute 1.2 (Captain Morgan Version by Aborym)
  3. Helter Skelter Youth (Nihilistic Bastard Remix by Mortiis)
  4. Helter Skelter Youth (Pervy Remix by Kaoma Mega, Throne of Molok)
  5. Irreversible Crisis (Tanz mit Aborym Remix by Kingdom)
  6. Dirty (Hellektro Apocalypse Remix by XP8)
  7. Helter Skelter Youth (Stigmata Remix by Biomechanical Christ, Red Sector A)
  8. I Don’t Know (The Blackbirds 11 Remix by Emiliano Natali/Angelo Vernati)
  9. Irreversible Crisis (Rotten Core Remix by Narchost)

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