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A.E.C. -Hate LifeA.E.C.
Category: Electro / Industrial Rock
Album: Hate Life
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Bearing the signatures of all his past musical outlets, Tyler Newman strikes out on his own with a finely produced and musically diverse album.


Tyler Newman has proven his capabilities as a producer and a performer as half of the electro/EBM acts Informatik and Din_Fiv, while also fronting his own industrial rock band, Battery Cage, and providing numerous remixes for his peers in the scene. With A.E.C., Newman strikes out for a solo project that hones all of his skills into a cohesive blend of harsh but melodic electronics and intricate beat and song structures, with just enough aggression and distortion to appease fans of his more industrial leanings.

Hate Life is chockfull of his signatures, with the opening title track starting with a moderately paced mix of squelching synth sequences and metallic beats, Newman’s grittily effected voice leading to a shouted chorus made epic by swells of chorale like pads, presenting varying moods in the space of a single song. The majority of the album follows suit, from the heavily stomping beats and loopy use of samples and stuttering synths on “Obsession/Compulsion” creating an eerie and malicious atmosphere to the almost despairing tone of “Drug Fix” with its sweeping layers of synths and the guttural yet melodic vocals. Newman’s strengths have always laid in his production sensibilities, able to take the elements intrinsic to the current trends and infuse them with his own sense of sound and songwriting. “Jealous Much” is a fine example of this, proving to be a surefire hit for the dance floor, but possessing enough nuance in its arrangement of incendiary electronics and intriguing tunefulness, the rhythm unapologetically shifting pace in the chorus. Infrastructure’s Exodus 20:17 mix of the song, which closes the album out, acts as a wonderful complement given its sparser, more heavily industrialized interpretation. The same can be said for Grenadier’s ElectroIcyFunk mix of “Echolalia,” adopting a haunting mesh of dirty breakbeats and manipulations of guest vocalist Stacey P. in place of the original version’s darkly ambient, slightly atonal melancholy, making both versions among the best tracks on the album. “Evil Inside” is a highly rhythmic track with a bouncy beat and some rap-style vocals in the verses for added flavor, while “Afterlife” creates a tapestry of echoing synthetic plucks and reverberating melodic ambience to make for a soothing though slightly disturbing instrumental.

Originally planned to be a Battery Cage release and recorded over the course of five years, it is no surprise that much of Hate Life could easily fit in that band’s discography. Thankfully, Newman incorporates enough other elements of his musical personality to allow A.E.C. to stand on its own – equal parts EBM, electro, industrial rock, and all points in between, yet coming together to form a unified sound. It will be interesting to hear where Newman takes the project further as he continues recording with his other outlets, but on its own merits, Hate Life is a fine album from a fine artist.
Track list:

  1. Hate Life
  2. Obsession/Compulsion
  3. Burned Alive
  4. Drug Fix
  5. Jealous Much
  6. Echolalia
  7. Evil Inside
  8. Freezing to Death
  9. Afterlife
  10. Burned Alive (Graft Mix by Pneumatic Detach)
  11. Echolalia (ElectroIcyFunk Mix by Grenadier)
  12. Jealous Much (Exodus 20:17 Mix by Infrastructure)

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