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3TEETH - <shutdown.exe>3TEETH
Category: Industrial / Metal
Album: <shutdown.exe>
Blurb: As furious as the first album, this sophomore outing from the current darlings of the industrial/metal scene shows the band taking some minor strides toward developing a more distinctive and singular style… but only minor strides.


Since the band’s inception in 2013, 3TEETH has enjoyed a success that has become the pride and envy of the industrial music scene, releasing its self-titled debut album in 2014 and performing at numerous festivals like ColdWaves and Terminus before being selected as the support act for TOOL on a North American tour in 2016. With <shutdown.exe>, the band’s sophomore outing, 3TEETH seems poised to lay claim on the face of industrial/metal in the mainstream, comparable in stature to the heyday of Nine Inch Nails two decades ago. Listening to this second outing, one can detect the band’s heightened sense of confidence; while most bands would opt for a slicker and more polished variant of the earlier sound and style, 3TEETH goes the opposite route to make <shutdown.exe> as furious an effort as the debut.

It had been argued by some, including this writer, that 3TEETH’s initial appeal laid not in applying any grand redesigns on the industrial/metal genre, but simply following the knitting to the letter and offering up a sensory experience that is irresistible in spite of, or even because of its familiarity. As stated, 3TEETH hasn’t deviated from this path, with the preceding “Atrophy” single and music video being an excellent example – pulsating layers of electronic bass lines topped off by mechanized beats and driving guitars, the distorted and dissonant vocals as much an instrumental texture and less of a melodic anchor, set to a visual backdrop of totalitarianism and dehumanization. Tracks like “Degrade,” “Tower of Disease,” “Oblivion Coil,” and “Away from Me” with their rhythmic and monotonous stabs of guitar riffs and steely throbs of bass and synth amid guttural and manipulated vocals evoking some mélange of the horrific atmospheres of Skinny Puppy with the unbridled aggression of Big Black or BILE. Other tracks like “Pit of Fire” with its juxtaposition of varying vocal styles, from ambient vocoder in the bridge to the cleanly disaffected verses to the bellowing growls of the chorus, or “B.O.A.” and “Divine Weapon” with their clanging rhythms underscoring atmospheric guitars, pianos, and well integrated vocal samples, and “Voiceless” with its inclusion of female backup vocals all hint at a greater effort on 3TEETH’s part to establish a more singular and identifiable style.

Mastered by Howie Weinberg and mixed by the legendary Sean Beavan, and with Yori and Kanga providing backup vocals, 3TEETH demonstrates a fair bit of fortitude and vitality with <shutdown.exe>, the band trusting itself to develop and evolve as 3TEETH sees fit. As stated, several tracks take the initiative to craft a more individual signature that would distinguish 3TEETH from others in the annals of industrial/metal… but that still leaves a good several tracks that sound like they could’ve easily been culled from the first album’s sessions. As such, <shutdown.exe> is neither inconsistent nor enduring, resulting in a listening experience that while somewhat improved from the first album, satisfies for a good while but perhaps grows tepid before one would hope it should.
Track list:

  1. Divine Weapon
  2. Pit of Fire
  3. Atrophy
  4. Oblivion Coil
  5. Shutdown
  6. Degrade
  7. Tower of Disease
  8. Tabula Umbra
  9. Voiceless
  10. SlaveGod
  11. Insubstantia
  12. B.O.A.
  13. Away from Me

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