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Category: Industrial / Metal
Album: 3TEETH
Stars: 3
Blurb: While still very much the sum of various influences in the genre, this acclaimed act’s debut album is a vicious and exciting reminder of what many loved about industrial music to begin with.


Emerging from the city of angels is 3TEETH, a band that has in a very short time begun to enjoy numerous accolades from critics and audiences alike. Not unlike Youth Code, 3TEETH seems to be part of (what many hope to be) a rising trend of reaching back to the less forgiving days of industrial, drawing more on raw power and fury balanced by a creative drive to stand apart from the norm; at least, that seems to be the idea, although in this writer’s mind, the steps required to proceed down more evolutionary paths less dependent on nostalgia are still many yet to be taken. Indeed, listening to 3TEETH’s acclaimed debut, there is much to behold.

From the onset of “Nihil,” the band virtually kicks down the door with a bleakly ambient intro culled right out of Front Line Assembly’s darkest moments a la Tactical Neural Implant or Hard Wired, before quickly switching to a menacing percussive march offset by malevolent layers of noisy guitars and mechanized synths and samples. The vocals bellow with a guttural force, declaring harshly through its virulent manipulations, “Bound by flesh, freed by blood.” It’s a compelling opener to be sure, one that sets the tone for the onslaught that ensues with tracks like “Pearls 2 Swine” with its strident and pulsating bass throb and vocal barks so distorted as to almost mesh with the cold grit of the guitars, “Dust” with its repetitive but enticing riff and rather haunting accompaniment of distant choral howls, and the surefire dance floor killer of “Dissolve” with its staccato riffs and classic industrial beats and samples. The synth loops and bursts of shrill pads in “Unveiled” and “Final Product” hearken back to early-to-mid ‘80s EBM of Front 242 or Nitzer Ebb, albeit with a far more acerbic edge, while the beat that pervades through “Eradicate” takes a rhythm all too similar to Nine Inch Nails’ “Closer” and applies it to a bludgeoning metallic assault that bears a greater resemblance to the likes of BILE. “Too Far Gone” closes the album with a rather epic swirl of cinematic pads and minimally melodic guitars set to a pounding yet pensive beat, making for a rather thoughtful conclusion to 3TEETH’s caustic debut.

Spearheaded by L.A.’s record label and party organization, LIL Death, and complemented by a prodigious visual component and vicious production values that eschew the current trends in favor of the blistering aggression of bygone days, it’s a small wonder 3TEETH has garnered the attention that it has. It’s an enticing package of audio/visual stimuli that makes for a strong debut. While it would ostensibly be a sin to decry any act in the industrial music scene for a lack of originality, it simply can’t be ignored the similarities in 3TEETH’s music to that which has come before; and while the breadth of simultaneous comparisons does speak to the band’s ability to incorporate several influences at once, it still leaves a bitter taste in this writer’s mouth as to just where 3TEETH plans to take its artistic vision and if the band will truly create something all its own. As it stands, the band is not reinventing industrial music by any stretch, but is at least an exciting reminder of what many loved about industrial music to begin with, which is perhaps enough to make 3TEETH worth a listen.
Track list:

  1. Nihil
  2. Consent
  3. Pearls 2 Swine
  4. Dust
  5. Zeit
  6. Master of Decay
  7. Unveiled
  8. Dissolve
  9. Eradicate
  10. X-Day
  11. Final Product
  12. Antiflux
  13. Chasm
  14. Too Far Gone

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