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100blumen - Distrust Authority100blumen
Category: Industrial
Album: Distrust Authority
Stars: 4
Blurb: A continuous sonic onslaught of overwhelming rhythms, defined not by their intense and noisy texture, but by melodic and diverse songwriting.


Although 100blumen only recently has evolved from the duo of Marcel and Chris van Blumen to a trio, the arrival of a drummer Malte seems to have effectively consolidated their prowess and Distrust Authority, the band’s first release in this new lineup benefits from the amazing diversity of the material, which gels together, often subtly, and evokes different moods as easily as it manages to get the juices pumping faster through the listener’s reinvigorated bloodstream.

The marching tones of “Intro” might suggest a rigid structure to the record, but neither the distorted electronic waves in the background nor the escalating acoustics that fill the spaces in between hint at the album’s broader palette of inspirations and methods. Compositions like “Your Hearts” reveal the band’s strong affinity for conventional heavy metal hooks while even a brief fling with electro melodies of “In Shining Armour” almost completely wipes away the sediment of the raw energy of traditional instruments. Various elements that make up this release never settle and instead continuously flow through the aortas of Distrust Authority’s system. The absorbing and memorable “Driving Back to Hell” benefits from the faint connection to staples of synth driven B-movie instrumentation and this elusive referencing of the moods of nihilistic Carpenterian classics escalates the pessimism of the album’s antiestablishment rage and brings it closer to other, even more apocalyptic cinematic visions of ‘80s cinema. Bold and lush, the finishing tones of the track, layered atop of the continuing, rushed bleeps send it off into the silence with a powerful, quasi-orchestral grace. With “Bloodshed,” various instrumental elements come to prominence to poignantly punctuate the samples as the track glides over the moments of indie rock infused uncertainty as if they were organically an inherent part of the genre and the album’s own identity. Given the prominence of political themes, the shrieking vocals of “Still Unbreakable” predictably betray the inevitable influences of the likes of Alec Empire even if the music itself bravely fires on more than just one digital hardcore cylinder. The track list delivered by 100blumen mutates and shifts; full of surprises, it sprawls in directions that are initially hard to predict, but even when they reach the outer limits inhabited by alien sensibilities of synthpop like in the charming “Bunny Song” or IDM, the album remains entertaining and cohesive.

There are perhaps no standout tracks that will draw you back in time and again, but as a whole, the album is a compelling and intensely noisy experience that explicitly translates its genre-bending weight into the colliding textures of electronic grit. It is only appropriate to commend 100blumen for the aptitude in juggling several distinct forms at once and even though Distrust Authority in its final stretch ends up unwinding some of its powerful momentum, there is as much to enjoy here as there is to remember and appreciate.
Track list:

  1. Intro
  2. Your Hearts
  3. In Shining Armour
  4. Police Truck
  5. All Cats are Beautiful
  6. Driving Back to Hell
  7. Distrust Authority
  8. Klima 2
  9. (Still) Unbreakable
  10. Bloodshed
  11. 2 Minutes Field Recordings
  12. Bunny Song
  13. The Hunt (Drum Version)
  14. Stinkepinke

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