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:10: - Eros:10:
Category: Industrial / Noise / Ambient
Album: Eros
Blurb: A collection of seductive, surgical, seething industrial tracks with a marvelous hardcover art book companion, ensuring that if :10: is to be laid to rest, the experience will be a memorable one.


Sean Forsythe may be laying his :10: project to rest, but if the music on Eros is anything to go by, then contrary to the title of his 2013 EP, industrial is not dead. Released with hardcover art book accompaniment to the album, Eros is an appropriately titled collection of seductive, surgical, and seething tracks whose clamorous compositions skirt the lines between pleasure and pain as the shrill distortions and steely rhythms evoke just the sort of images contained in the illustrative and immaculate visual companion.

“Distort Me” begins the proceedings with spastic bass heavy rhythms and meaty layers of synths underscoring Emileigh Rohn’s vocals, hovering in an emotive space between nightmarish disconnect and ghostly pleading; it’s reminiscent of Android Lust as her repetitions of “Where’s the real world?” wax and wane in intensity, the melodic passages of violin grounding the listener to an otherwise noisy bedrock. Much of the album follows down a similar path, with Rohn returning to help make the closing track “Painting Her” a memorable conclusion to the album, her breathy moans melding with the grind and grime of the electronic beats, at once menacing and erotic amid entrancing piano-like chimes, while the caustic breaks and melancholy reverberations of “Predator and Prey” provide ample backdrop Avonlea Montague’s acerbic, near spoken voice. The title track is notable for its gradual buildup of disconcerting ambience as the glimmers of voices, distant and at times animalistic, fade in and out until a slow and distorted procession of monotone synth and slow breaks takes over; as the thrums of an almost organic melody makes its presence known, the tracks ends sooner than expected, leaving the listener in a disquieted state of satisfied yearning. Other tracks like “Ebb” and “Wept” are arguably the most familiarly gripping tracks, both full of grooving bass and beats immediately laying foundations for the howls of overdriven pads, layers of synth arpeggios, and voices almost scathing as if in the throes of violent and sensual abandon, while the growls of synth bass and striking breakbeats on “Remorse” evoke a noisy trip-hop vibe, making for one of the album’s more subtly appealing moments.

It’s a shame that Forsythe has chosen to focus his attentions on other avenues and bring an end to such a dynamic project as :10:, the juxtaposition of lurid yet darkly inviting imagery to complement his richly textured and vicious audio creations being a particularly noteworthy and admirable quality, as evidenced once again by the accompanying art book and music videos. Eros offers a full package of audio/visual art the likes of which is not commonly witnessed or experienced in the lower tiers of underground music; it is engaging, but not easy to endure, and if you can withstand the delightful onslaught upon your auditory and visual senses, you will be thoroughly rewarded.
Track list:

  1. Distort Me
  2. Predator and Prey
  3. Not Your Life
  4. Eros
  5. Archaic
  6. Wept
  7. Lay in Solum
  8. Ebb
  9. Remorse
  10. Painting Her

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