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[0PT-0UT] - [0PT-0UT][0PT-0UT]
Category: Industrial
Album: [0PT-0UT]
Stars: 3
Blurb: Industrial rock with a punk aesthetic, making for a caustic but promising new entry in the scene.


Norfolk, Virginia’s [0PT-0UT] join in a long tradition of industrial bands employing the D.I.Y. aesthetic of punk rock bands to create a raucous and malicious sound all its own. The result of improv jams between vocalist/lyricist Matt McClure and programmer/guitarist Gabriel Perry, the sound is distinctly a style of industrial rock that is noisy and ambient as it is abrasively melodic. From the onset of “The Persistence of Disintegration,” as a loop of strings play atop a bass thump and guitar feedback, Perry’s musical signature from his Hindu Pez project is clearly discernible. When McClure’s angst-ridden voice grates in, the sound of [0PT-0UT] becomes complete, continuing into “Queen of Lies” as layers of harmonizing guitars and a repeating synth arpeggio lead into a chorus that sounds straight out of a classic horror film. The same can be said for “Crawling” with its twinkling sequences and progressions as a throbbing bass, gabber-style beat, and Perry’s guitar feedback create a noisy and almost psychedelic soundscape, made ever more acerbic by McClure’s guttural, punk-like vocal delivery. The EP’s closing track, “The Disintegration of Persistence” – not a remix of the introductory track as the title may suggest – ends the proceedings on a mournful note appropriate to the tone of the lyrics, a bell-like synth repeating and McClure’s atonal voice echoing into a rhythmic but decrepit atmosphere. Tributes to the band’s influences are paid as [0PT-0UT] offers faithful takes on the Ministry classic “So What” and Marilyn Manson’s “1996,” both staying true to the originals while infusing their own distinctive sound, Perry’s flourishes of guitar solos and noise perfectly adding to both songs as McClure’s flagrant vocal style could compete with Uncle Al and Manson for distorted rage. The production is crisp with the right balance of corrosive edges and pristine sheen, and the musical style is direct and adversarial, holding to the band’s name of opting out of the commonplaces of the genre. While the overabundance of throaty aggression and absence of melody in the vocals may be off-putting to some, this is still a band in its infancy and there is much promise for new avenues to be explored on future releases. If nothing else, those with a taste for industrial rock that punishes the speakers and the eardrums will enjoy this first taste of [0PT-0UT].
Track list:

  1. The Persistence of Disintegration
  2. Queen of Lies
  3. So What
  4. Crawling
  5. 1996
  6. The Disintegration of Persistence

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Queen Of Lies by [0PT-0UT]

So What (Ministry Cover) by [0PT-0UT]

Crawling by [0PT-0UT]

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