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ReGen Radio Podcast
Date: February 16, 2013

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In association with ReGen Magazine, Baltimore’s Club Orpheus hosted the first ever ReGeneration night; a new monthly event featuring a wide assortment of industrial music, run by DJ Pariah and DJGX. With the focus purely on industrial music of the past and present, ReGeneration hopes to bring only the finest in heavy industrial atmosphere.

ReGeneration 2013-02-16
Track list:

  1. Skinny Puppy: “Crazy Tonight”
  2. Front Line Assembly: “Final Impact”
  3. Concrete Lung: “Recovery Position”
  4. Circle of Dust: “Aggressor” [Regressive Mix]
  5. Jer Sypult: “Climb”
  6. Prong: “Rude Awakening” [KlayAngel Mix]
  7. Clay People: “Stone” [Remix]
  8. Human Factors Lab: “Adam and Eve” [Küzmark Remix]
  9. Godflesh: “Crush My Soul” [UltraMixEdit]
  10. Download: “SIGEsang”
  11. C17H19NO3: “The Treatment”
  12. Force.Is.Machine: “Resurrection”
  13. Ludovico Technique: “Potential”


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