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ReGen Digressions – Season 3_Episode 01: ReBooted


ReGen DigressionsSeason 3
Episode 01: “ReBooted
Recorded: Saturday, July 21, 2018…


After a long period of silence and a whole lost second season (apart from one episode), the curmudgeonly co-hosts return for a new edition of ReGen Digressions. With a slightly updated format for the show, wherein John Galope and Ilker Yücel will discuss select topics ranging from music to cinema to other aspects of entertainment and artistic culture, Digressions is aiming for a more streamlined, less cluttered presentation of thoughtful ideas, humorous asides, and a bit of free association bullshit from a pair of aging ex-scenesters with nothing better to do for an hour. Enjoy!



“Digressions” theme song written and produced by White Shadow.


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