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ReGen Digressions – Episode 9: The Hair Metal Episode


ReGen Digressions
Episode 9: “The Hair Metal Episode
Recorded: Saturday, January 30, 2016…


Are you ready to rock & roll?! You’d better be as the bitter brothers John Galope and Ilker Yücel are joined by the incomparable Greg Papanicolas to discuss the importance of hair metal and glam rock in modern music. The trio gets right to business in discussing the conections between these often maligned/revered genres, particularly touching on their influence on the industrial/rock scene, with a few digressions about the long gestation period of the almost mythical Guns n’ Roses album Chinese Democracy, the difference between horror/punk band Misfits and the glam/metal band from Jem, the hair metal soundtrack to The Transformers: The Movie, and Tim Skold’s transformation from his glittery beginnings in Shotgun Messiah to the grittier industrial/rock of his present. As if that weren’t enough, the three gentlemen discuss their mutual disdain for Led Zeppelin, incomprehensible lyrics, and the disparity between glam and grunge. So dust off that denim jacket, spray that hair into a palm tree, slip into those tight leather pants, and let’s rock!


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