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ReGen Digressions -_Episode 3: A Slow Make Out Session with Matt Fanale (NOT FEATURING MATT FANALE... YET!)


ReGen Digressions
Episode 3: “A Slow Make Out Session with Matt Fanale
Recorded: Friday, August 21, 2015…


Upon hearing Blade Runner samples in the latest Fear Factory album, Digressions hosts Ilker Yücel and John Galope discuss at what point the well of inspiration can run dry, and at what point some samples and motifs need to be retired. Citing an article once written by the great Matt Fanale of Caustic to help make a case, our curmudgeonly co-hosts also go on to discuss the subjects of comedy in the EBM/industrial scene, why Goldfinger remains the iconic James Bond movie, briefly digressing on record labels, and touring with Combichrist. As well, you’ll hear John recalling how an acquaintance once nearly physically assaulted Andy LaPlegua, along with an incident in which The Crüxshadows vocalist Rogue serenaded him (much to John’s dismay), and how The Horrorist’s “One Night in NYC” is a tour de force!
DISCLAIMER: This episode does NOT feature Matt Fanale. However, we do hope to eventually have Mr. Fanale join us as a guest on a future episode.


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