Nov 2018 20

ReGen Exclusive: new music video from Electronic Saviors collaboration featuring Adoration Destoyed and Lorelei Dreaming
ReGen Magazine is proud to present this exclusive music video premiere for the song “Ember,” a collaboration between two stars of the current wave of electro/industrial, Adoration Destroyed and Lorelei Dreaming. Created in association with multimedia artist Kitty Troller, the video features footage shot by Adoration Destroyed front man Erik Gustafson in Austin, TX and Chicago, IL, the duo providing “a high gloss goth glamor appeal to the contrasting industrial elements, which proved to be a dichotomy in somber perfection.” [..]

Nov 2018 19

Scandroid explores darker territory on upcoming third album
Klayton has announced the release of the highly anticipated third album from his synthwave outlet Scandroid, titled The Darkness, on December 4 via his FiXT Neon imprint. Featuring six brand new tracks and 12 accompanying remixes, The Darkness is appropriately titled as the record explores darker territory for the project as the incorporation of heavy metal riffs and cybernetic atmospheres that have defined Scandroid’s sound [..]

Nov 2018 19

Kælan Mikla vocalist Sólveig Matthildur releases new single featuring Drab Majesty's Deb Demure
In anticipation of her upcoming European solo tour, Kælan Mikla keyboardist/vocalist Sólveig Matthildur has unveiled the first single from her 2019 solo album, titled “Dystopian Boy.” Premiering on Revolver on November 16, and now available to purchase via Bandcamp, “Dystopian Boy” features the guitar talents of Deb Demure of fellow post-punk band Drab Majesty [..]

Nov 2018 16

Lord of the Lost releases live DVD of 2017 orchestral performance
German dark rock act Lord of the Lost closes out what has been one of the group’s most momentous years with the release of a live DVD, Confession (Live at Christuskirche). Recorded in the Christuskirche Bochum during the band’s 2017 tour in support of Swan Songs II, the DVD showcases Lord of the Lost’s blend of industrial/rock and metal with orchestral arrangements to create a veritable rock symphony. [..]

Nov 2018 16

OOMPH! reveals details of upcoming album, including release date and tour dates
Earlier this year, OOMPH! – one of the pioneering bands in the Neue Deutsche Härte style – announced that it had signed with prominent metal label Napalm Records for the release of the upcoming 2019 album. The band now reveals at long last the title of the new record as Ritual, with a release date of January 18, 2019 [..]

Nov 2018 15

Blue Stahli to release deluxe edition of 2011 debut album
More than seven years after its initial release, the debut album from electro/rock artist Blue Stahli has been made available for the first time on limited edition vinyl. Available for pre-order now with a digital release date of November 27, the new dobule-vinyl deluxe version of the self-titled album features rare bonus tracks [..]

Nov 2018 13

John Bergin releases remastered editions of Trust Obey soundtrack to iconic underground comic
In 1994, a special edition of James O’Barr’s graphic novel The Crow was released by Kitchen Sink Press and Graphitti Designs, containing a soundtrack album created by John Bergin under his moniker of Trust Obey, titled Fear and Bullets. The album was later released via Deezal/Invisible Records in 1998 as a standalone item featuring remixed and rerecorded versions of Bergin’s brutally apocalyptic industrial/metal compositions. Now to celebrate the record’s 25th Anniversary, Bergin has released via Bandcamp both the 1994 and 1998 editions, newly remastered by Robert Rich [..]

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