Jul 2016 01

Ambassador21 teases upcoming albumBelarus hardcore industrial/noise act Ambassador21 has released the first video teaser for the upcoming album Human Rage, due for release in Fall, 2016. A digital single from the album, titled “Revelation,” which will also include a second track, “Fear Level Red,” launches in late July. [..]

Jul 2016 01

Balthazar co-front man releases new single from upcoming solo debutThe newly released single, “I’m Not Him,” from Warhaus’s impending debut album, We Fucked a Flame into Being, explores themes of duality and desperation against a backdrop of religious archetypes. Inhabiting the same dark, sensual world as the album’s first single, “The Good Lie,” “I’m Not Him” premiered via BlackBook on June 24 and is available to stream via SoundCloud. Warhaus is the alter ego and solo project of Balthazar’s co-front man Maarten Devolder [..]

Jun 2016 30

PulseWidthMod to release new album with End Result ProductionsBaltimore industrial artist PulseWidthMod has announced the release of its next album, titled Entelechy; with music and lyrics written and produced solely by Maeghan Donovan, the artist has described the band’s sound as “industrious Kraut-wave.” The album will be released on July 2 in C33 cassette format via End Result Productions, marking PulseWidthMod as the label’s first act not from or based in Philadelphia in 2016. [..]

Jun 2016 29

ReGen Digressions – Episode 10: Lights! Camera! Action!


ReGen Digressions
Episode 10: “Lights! Camera! Action!
Recorded: Friday, April 22, 2016…


Lights! Camera! Action! The bitter brothers John Galope and Ilker Yücel are joined by their cohort Patrick Kelley in this special episode discussing cult cinema, touching on their favorite movies with a little commentary on their impact on the music scene. From the sci-fi extravaganzas that were Masters of the Universe, The Fifth Element, Zardoz, and especially A Clockwork Orange to offshoots of the Star Wars franchise, these curmudgeonly cinephiles break down their love for even the most terribly made movies. [..]

Jun 2016 28

Artoffact remasters renowned Remix Wars series for vinyl re-release
Toronto’s Artoffact Records is re-releasing three entries of the Remix Wars series on vinyl. The storied ’90s project consisted of two artists remixing each other’s tracks. released jointly as split albums – Strike 1: :wumpscut: vs. Haujobb, Strike 2: Front Line Assembly vs. Die Krupps, and Strike 3: 16volt vs. Hate Dept. [..]

Jun 2016 28

Android Lust track to appear in upcoming survival horror gameShikhee of Android Lust has announced that she will be creating music for Agony, an upcoming survival horror video game by Poland’s MadMind Studios. She has stated that fans concerned that her involvement in the project will delay the long awaited release of Crater Vol. 2 will be pleased to hear that the album is also progressing [..]

Jun 2016 27

White Shadow releases first official music video
Baltimore industrial/metal band White Shadow has released its first official music video for the track “10,000 Masks,” from the 2014 album Panopticon. Directed by Dylan Hintz and featuring choreography by the DC Stunt Coalition, the video was funded in part via IndieGoGo campaign, and shot in the group’s home in Baltimore, MD. [..]

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