Aug 2017 31

Lord of the Lost releases new music video from upcoming orchestral album
Lord of the Lost has unveiled the music video for “Lighthouse” from the upcoming album Swan Songs II, the Hamburg dark rock band’s first release with Napalm Records. This marks the second release from the album, following the lyric video for “Waiting for You to Die,” showcasing the band’s dynamic blend of industrial/rock and metal with heavy classical arrangements and orchestrations [..]

Aug 2017 31

Carbon Based Lifeforms releases first official music video
Swedish ambient duo, Carbon Based Lifeforms, has released its very first music video for the track “Accede” from the forthcoming album Derelicts. “Accede” combines VHS effects with footage of nature and a hint of technological futurism to deliver a moving, ethereal, ephemeral, and enchanting experience. Derelicts marks Carbon Based Lifeforms’ fifth album after a six year hiatus (the longest in the group’s history). [..]

Aug 2017 28

Scandroid announces sophomore album
Scandroid - MonochromeScandroid, the synthwave project of Klayton, has announced the release of a second full-length album, titled Monochrome. Following on the success of the self-titled debut and continuing the artist’s musical exploration of futuristic sci-fi worlds, the album features 14 tracks revolving around the theme of hidden truths as explored by the Red and Aphelion in the cyberpunk setting of Neo-Tokyo in the year 2518 [..]

Aug 2017 27

One of modern music’s most prolific and revered producers and mixers, John Fryer speaks with ReGen about his latest musical outlet and exposing and exploring new talent.
Black Needle Noise


An InterView with John Fryer of Black Needle Noise

Aug 2017 24

Following up on the band’s ongoing series of tours and the recent release of the As We Die album, horror/punk act DOYLE will be joining legendary comic/metal act GWAR on that band’s The Blood of Gods Tour. Spanning 13 dates along the east coast and midwest [..]

Aug 2017 24

Electronic Sound giving away Kraftwerk box sets
Pioneering German electronic act Kraftwerk, to help celebrate the launch of the UK publication’s YouTube channel, will be giving away via the Electronic Sound YouTube channel the group’s 3-D Catalogue box set. For subscribing, liking, commenting on, and sharing the YouTube channel and launch video, Electronic Sound will be giving away these box sets [..]

Aug 2017 24

ReGen Exclusive: lvl premieres track from newly remastered debut
After a long absence, FiXT artist lvl has returned, announcing the official re-releases of his long out-of-print albums Devil’s Advocate and Denial. In a special ReGen Magazine Exclusive, lvl has premiered the remastered “She: Backslide,” the opening track from the debut album, showcasing the artist’s signature blend of crunchy guitars, frenetic rhythms, and caustic electronics, topped off by lvl’s emotive lyrics and vocals.


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