Dec 2017 04

Tim Muddiman and The Strange tease sophomore album with new single
Having released the band’s debut album, Paradise Runs Deeper, in late 2016, the darkly blues and alt. rock group Tim Muddiman and The Strange has announced the follow up album, titled Domino Blitz. As a taste of what the sophomore release has to offer, the band has unveiled the single “Get It On” in the form of a theatrical and animated lyric video, with front man Tim Muddiman taking on the guise of various characters. [..]

Dec 2017 04

The Star Theater, Portland, OR – 11/12/2017


What more can be said about Stabbing Westward? One of the biggest selling bands of the late ’90s and early 2000s, bridging the gap between mainstream alt. rock and underground industrial, Stabbing Westward has been enjoying a resurgence in the last two years. Two days after a headlining performance at the first ColdWaves L.A., the band proceeded northward for its last show of 2017. There to catch the show was Chazz Gold of Chazzarazzi Nightlife, to which ReGen Magazine would like to extend its deepest appreciation for offering this coverage of two stellar bands. [..]

Dec 2017 03

ReGen Exclusive: Afflicted by Design unveils music video, "Warm and Pretty Lies"
In this special ReGen Magazine Exclusive, Austin, TX based industrial/rock act Afflicted by Design has unveiled the music video for the track “Warm and Pretty Lies,” taken from the band’s latest EP, Lies, Lies, Lies!. Written and directed by Ken Morales of Empyrean Motion Pictures, the video features the director’s twist on the Mr. and Mrs. Smith scenario with a nod toward ’70s horror films. Of the video’s concept, Gnolfo states “I wanted to go dark and tell the story of a couple who are each serial killers, trying to hide that dark secret from each other.” [..]

Dec 2017 02

Psy'Aviah announces next album as a "testament to hope"Belgian electro-pop project Psy’Aviah has announced that its next album, Lightflare is now available for pre-order. The collaborative project’s founder, Yves Schelpe describes the album as a personal “testament to hope” inspired by his experience with music therapy and chronicling his “journey from utter despair towards joy and happiness.” The album’s 14 tracks transition from darkness to light in the group’s signature style of synthpop, electro-pop, trip-hop, and the occassional heavier dance track. [..]

Dec 2017 01

MGT releases first single and music video from upcoming sophomore album
MGT - All the Broken ThingsMGT – the goth/rock outfit headed by guitarist Mark Gemini Thwaite and featuring vocalist/songwriter Ashton Nyte – has released the first single from the band’s upcoming sophomore album Gemini Nyte, titled “All the Broken Things,” via Cleopatra Records. With a heavier but “strident and commanding” sound, Thwaite explains that the song “was one of the first songs that Ashton and I wrote after our initial collaborations on the MGT debut album Volumes, and we knew it should be the first single from our new album when we performed it live on tour this summer and saw how well it was received.” Nyte adds that the band “wrote and recorded most of the Gemini Nyte album within three or four months of meeting each other.” He continues, “I think that fluidity is refelected in this song and captured by the beautiful video Vincente Cordero has made for us.” [..]

Nov 2017 30

The Regent Theater, Los Angeles, CA
Friday, 11/10/2017 – Saturday, 11/11/2017


Every year since 2012, the ColdWaves event has grown in stature and magnitude, celebrating the life and music of Jamie Duffy, and showcasing the strength and solidarity of the industrial music scene. For the last five years, Jason Novak has paid tribute to his friend and musical partner to make ColdWaves more than a simple charity for suicide prevention – it’s a reminder to the disenchanted, the disenfranchised, and the disheartened that this scene is more than a clique, more than a support system… it is a family, bound by the blood of music, art, and culture that we share as a common identity. This year marked a special moment in ColdWaves history [..]

Nov 2017 29

Echo Us releases fifth album, premieres new music video
With today’s release of To Wake a Dream in Moving Water, the fifth full-length album from Echo Us, the band has also unveiled the music video for the song “Begin to Remember.” Composed and created by Echo Us mastermind Ethan Matthews, “Begin to Remember” encompasses two tracks on the album to comprise a “double song,” with the strings for the first track arranged by Matthews and Teri Untalan [..]

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