Nov 2017 02

Returning to its machine/rock roots for the Dead On Arrivals EP, 16volt injects some fresh and virulent oil into its sound, full of anger and defiance as only this band can deliver.


An InterView with Eric Powell and Steve Hickey of 16volt

Oct 2017 31

ReGen Exclusive: MGT presents remix track preceding upcoming sophomore album
MGT - Jesamine (Poetry & Ice) [MGT Killer Remix]Having recently signed to Cleopatra Records, MGT – featuring guitarist Mark Gemini Thwaite and vocalist/songwriter Ashton Nyte – will be releasing the project’s second full-length album Gemini Nyte in February of 2018. Intended as a “stopgap ‘release'” to precede the album and presented here as a special ReGen Magazine Exclusive, the band unleashes this MGT Killer Remix of the track “Jesamine (Poetry & Ice).” Thwaite explains that the remix is a and “a reminder of one of the songs myself and Ashton wrote that formed a catalyst for the new album.” [..]

Oct 2017 30

Steep Steps reinterprets two blockbuster themes into a new song and music video
Steep Steps – the electronic project of RÊVE front woman Athena Hiotis and Deep End Studio producer/engineer Tony Correlli – has released an otherworldly mashup of two pop culture powerhouses in a new song and accompanying video, “Game of Thrones (in The Upside Down).” The track expands on the medieval instrumentals of the theme from Game of Thrones, HBO’s blockbuster adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire, and fuses them with the dark synths and electronics, eerie atmosphere, and ’80s sensibilities of NetFlix sensation Stranger Things. [..]

Oct 2017 30

Evil Engine’s Mike Skull speaks about the prominent Chicago punk rock band’s history and creative output, showcasing a band on a righteous and angry path.
Evil Engine


An InterView with Mike Skull of Evil Engine

Oct 2017 30

Electronic Substance Abuse teases 2018 album with new music video
Electronic Substance Abuse, the creative outlet for maniacal musician Jamie Blacker, has just released a new music video for the track “Bad Blood Will Out.” The track comes from the forthcoming studio album That Beast, which is set to be released via Negative Gain Productions in March of 2018. The video, directed by Myles Fearnley, tells the story of ritual, darkness, and vanity [..]

Oct 2017 29

Cynical Existence moves further toward industrial/metal with new single and music video
Cynical Existence - No Way OutMulti-national act Cynical Existence has unveiled the music video for the single “No Way Out,” showcasing the band’s transition from harsh electro/industrial toward a heavier industrial/metal sound. The music video was created by Dirt Frame, directed by Sofie Cedeström and Mary-Cynthia Wendahl, and featuring the dancing talents of Lisa Elverfors. The band’s change toward industrial/metal, “while maintaining the essence of Cynical Existence,” was first exhibited on the Dying Light (Dark/Light Edit) EP [..]

Oct 2017 29

Helalyn Flowers' maXX makes his solo debut
IMJUDAS - TulpaFollowing a string of compilation appearances and cover tracks, Italian artist maXX – founding member and male half of Helalyn Flowers – has released the debut EP of his IMJUDAS solo project, titled Tulpa. Released on October 27 via Alfa Matrix, Tulpa features two original tracks, along with remixes of the title song by Inertia, AD:keY, and People Theatre, with Helalyn Flowers vocalist n0emi Aurora making a guest backing vocal appearance on “Without Us You Are Nothing.” [..]

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