Mar 2018 08

PIG announces new album
The prophet of pork, the mighty swine, PIG has announced the release of a new album, titled Risen. Following hot on the heels of 2017’s Prey & Obey EP, the new album will feature a bevy of guest musicians – longtime collaborators and PIG band mates like Z.Marr, En Esch, Ben Christo, Tim Skold, Cubanate’s Marc Heal and Phil Barry, and Mark Gemini Thwaite [..]

Mar 2018 08

Owl Vision faces off with the devil in new remix of Blue Stahli
Ever maintaining a prolific pace, hybrid electro/rock artist Blue Stahli unveils a remix of the track “Ready Aim Fire” off his 2015 album The Devil. Transforming the song into an ambient/tribal blend of ritualistic beats with entrancing Arabian-esque melodies, the remix was created by Swedish dark electronic artist/producer Owl Vision. [..]

Mar 2018 07

Gang of Four announce new EP, releases first single
English post-punk act Gang of Four will release a new EP, Complicit, on April 13. This is the first new material from the group since the critically acclaimed 2015 album, What Happens Next. The band has released “Lucky” as a streaming single to tide fans over until the full release. [..]

Mar 2018 06

Life on the road isn’t easy for a working drummer in the industrial scene – just ask Bradley Bills of CHANT… in fact, that’s what Dawn Woodkill has done, allowing us into his world of percussive and musical pursuits.


An InterView with Bradley Bills of CHANT

Mar 2018 05

Venezuelan electro producer Carlos Henriquez checks in with ReGen Magazine for our second entry in The 6ix List. Writing dark techno and EBM, his project NOUSIA had made waves in the underground. See what makes him tick and what influenced him to create the music you hear today.

The 6ix List - NOUSIA

Mar 2018 03

Armageddon Dildos to release new EP in anticipation of upcoming full-length album
After a long silence, German electro/industrial duo Armageddon Dildos has announced the release of Herbstzeitlose, an EP of four all new songs and seven remixes. Included on the EP is the 7-Inch version of “Intimidated” and what the band describes as a “2.0 version” of the Gulf War inspired protest hit “Resist,” transformed into an almost completely new song [..]

Mar 2018 03

Serbia's dreDDup teases new album, first to feature new lineup
Fresh off of two years of touring, Serbian industrial/rock group dreDDup is back in the studio for the band’s eighth album, Soyuz. The band plans to release one of the album’s 10 planned tracks as a single each month [..]

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