Apr 2018 03

Cleopatra Records re-relasing 1997 album from Spahn Ranch
Having released The Coiled One, Spahn Ranch’s 1995 album, on Bandcamp in 2017, Cleopatra Records now follows up with the seminal electro/industrial band’s 1997 album Architecture. The album was notable for featuring guest performances by bassist Paul Raven (Killing Joke, PRONG, MINISTRY, etc.), percussionist David “Glass” Parkinson (Christian Death), and guitarist Danny B. Harvey (The Head Cat, Nancy Sinatra, The Rockats, etc.). [..]

Apr 2018 02

What more can be said about The Gothsicles? Since the 2006 release of the NESferatu debut album, the band has been on a steady upward trajectory that has shown no signs of slowing down.

The 6ix List - The Gothsicles: Brain Graupner

Apr 2018 02

Chemlab to return for ColdWaves 2018, performing iconic debut album in its entirety
It was at the first ColdWaves event in 2012 that Chemlab announced that it would once again dissolve, so it is perhaps fitting that six years later, messianic machine/rock mogul Jared Louche will once again revive the group for ColdWaves in 2018. “You can throw garbage at Jason Novak for convincing me that bringing the band back from the dead is a smart idea,” says Louche, who will once again front Chemlab with a new band lineup featuring former Dead on TV members Daniel Evans, Mike Love, and Vince McAley [..]

Apr 2018 02

The Gothsicles to release EP celebrating 20th anniversary of "Konami Code"
Originally written in 1998 by Brian Graupner with Tristam D., “Konami Code” may arguably be The Gothsicles’ best known song – a celebration of the legendary cheat code that appeared in numerous titles by Konami video games. To celebrate the song’s 20th anniversary, The Gothsicles are now releasing a special EP [..]

Mar 2018 30

Not only fronting Adoration Destroyed but also serving as one of the scene’s most reliable performers across numerous bands, Erik Gustafson speaks with Dawn Woodkill about his music and life as a touring musician.


An InterView with Erik Gustafson of Adoration Destroyed

Mar 2018 30

ColdWaves lineups announced for 2018
Now entering its seventh year, ColdWaves – the industrial music festival celebrating the life of Jamie Duffy and providing support for suicide prevention – announed earlier this year dates for three events taking place in Chicago, Los Angeles for the second year, and for the first time New York City. Now, the band lineups for each of the three cities have been announced! [..]

Mar 2018 29

ESA - That BeastESA
Category: Industrial / Noise
Album: That Beast
Blurb: Jamie Blacker has created a lean, hard-hitting dance album simply for the sake of making a lean, hard-hitting dance album… and that’s just fine.


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