Nov 2018 27

Machines on Blast releases promo video for upcoming sophomore album
Melbourne, Florida based industrial/alt. metal band Machines on Blast has unveiled a promotional teaser for the upcoming album, Black Market Happiness via Facebook. Scheduled for release in early 2019, Black Market Happiness marks M.O.B.’s second full-length album [..]

Nov 2018 27

PORN - The Darkest of Human Desires-Act II
Lyon, France based dark rock act PORN will release its fourth studio album, The Darkest of Human Desires-Act II, on February 22, 2019 worldwide. In 2017, PORN released its third album, The Ogre Inside-Act I, as the first act of a trilogy based on the enigmatic character Mr Strangler. [..]

Nov 2018 27

Mechanismus Festival announces plans for 2019 event
Having celebrated its tenth anniversary in May of this year, Seattle’s Mechanismus Festival has announced the initial details for its next entry in summer of 2019. Dubbed Let’s Go to War, Mechanismus will span six nights from June 25 to June 30, with a total of 35 bands and seven DJs performing in two venues [..]

Nov 2018 26

The Clay People - Demon Hero and Other Extraordinary Phantasmagoric Anomalies and FablesThe Clay People
Category: Coldwave / Industrial / Alt. Metal
Album: Demon Hero and Other Extraordinary Phantasmagoric Anomalies and Fables
Blurb: After 11 years, The Clay People returns with a decidedly strong record that may prove to be one of the band’s finest hours yet.


Nov 2018 21

Determined to provoke and agitate with a fiery mix of punk, hip-hop, industrial, and everything in between, Justin Pearson and Luke Henshaw speak with ReGen about their band Planet B, with a few words from guest performer Martin Atkins.


An InterView with Justin Pearson, Luke Henshaw, and Martin Atkins of Planet B

Nov 2018 20

PIG celebrates the holidays with a new EP
2018 has been a momentous and productive year for PIG, having released the Risen album, a collaboration with Sasha Grey reinterpreting the disco classic “That’s the Way (I Like It),” performing guest vocals on the new single from Philadelphia act REVillusion, and conducting the Hell to Pay… in the USA tour and supporting Killing Joke in North America. Now, the Mighty Swine gets into the holiday spirit with a new EP of festive filth, titled Black Mass [..]

Nov 2018 20

MZ.412 announces first new album in 12 years
Widely regarded as the originators of black industrial, Swedish group MZ.412 has announced its first full-length album of new material in 12 years, titled Svartmyrky. Dedicated to Hel, the giant goddess who rules over Helheim (the “true hell of the north” in Norse mythology), the band strives on this new record to retain the harsh malevolence of the past while reinventing its classic sound, blending elements of industrial, black metal, and ambient [..]

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